Andrew Blythe
About the author

Andrew Blythe

Andrew Blythe is a writer and editor who has a Masters in Writing, Editing
and Publishing from the University of Queensland. In addition, he is an
Adjunct Research Fellow at Griffith University within the School of Human
Services and Social Work, assisting the school with both curriculum review
and lived-experience research development. He enjoys communication in
all its forms and has prepared and presented material via print—including
as the former editor of Time and Place (the magazine of the Queensland
Heritage Council) and managing editor of QNew Magazine—as well as radio, television, and
multimedia formats. He has written a memoir about his father’s
experience of receiving a heart transplant, as well as documenting other
peoples’ experiences of the Queensland health system.

DeAnne Smith

Comedian DeAnne Smith: ‘Reject The Gender Binary And Scrawl Something In The Margins’

Canadian DeAnne Smith is a chameleon. She spent most of 2017 playing with identity. By the end of the year, she had accumulated an eclectic mix. With her show at the 2018 Brisbane Comedy Festival looming, she’s no closer to any kind of resolution. Smith identifies as agender. “You’ve got to reject the predetermined categories …