A fabulous new drag competition where you can make your boss or friends get up in drag is set to raise important and much needed funds for PFLAG.

The competition is a little bit like the ice bucket challenge where people are encouraged to nominate somebody to dress and perform in drag on stage at the Sportsman Hotel on Sunday 30 August. The idea is that you can nominate anybody to be a drag queen for a night, including a short performance – but there is a catch – they need to raise at least 100 dollars to adorn the stage. The 100 dollars will be donated to PFLAG and if people refuse to accept the challenge, then they are expected to make a donation to PFLAG anyway.

This is a hilarious take on drag where you get to nominate anybody, be it your boss or maybe your partner, your brother or sister or even a parent to dress in drag and do a short 90 second performance in front of an appreciative crowd.

The whole idea is to raise money for PFLAG who are Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. We hope that the contestants on the night will raise much more than 100 dollars because these funds go towards helping other parents accept their LGBT children when they come out right across Queensland.

The night is all about fun and it will not necessarily be talent that will decide the competition’s winner. There are three categories of contestants: The best drag queen on the night (some people call her best bitch), the second category is for the top charity princess (the drag queen who raises the most money for PFLAG), and the final category is for the ‘the ugly duckling’ – the person who maybe didn’t look the best in drag but had a great time doing it anyway.

We are relying on people to pass the nomination forward. You can nominate anybody to be in drag up on stage at Sporties in front of the bright lights. Who knows? Maybe a star could be born!

To get involved go to but get in early because it is hoped that there will be many contestants performing at the Sportsman Hotel on 30 August.

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