Australia’s First Out Muslim Leader: ‘It’s Okay To Be Gay and Muslim’

Gay Muslim Imam Nur Warsame

Both Islamophobia and homophobia are still all too common in today’s society and this is something that openly gay Muslim leader Nur Warsame is all too knowledgeable about.

Warsame, who was born in Somalia and became Australia’s first openly gay Imam in May, has been the victim of both, he said in a recent interview on Channel Ten’s The Project.

He told the program’s host Waleed Aly that “the risks are great in the Muslim community” for those who are gay.

“If you come out you will be excommunicated, you will be ostracised, you risk losing even your life, at times, in different parts of the world,” he said.

But he’s noticed a change in the attitudes of young Muslims.

“It’s promising to see activists – and I know many of them, in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan — who are trying to address these issues,” he said.

“We still have leaders in our communities of faith that are hold onto those old, outdated ways of thinking that are no longer relevant in our contemporary society.

“We have a problem and we need to address it and if we are going to do it this time, we need to do it right.”

But despite the opinions of some of his peers, the openly gay Imam wants people to know that “it’s absolutely okay to be gay and Muslim.”

“I believe that we have a great opportunity now to address it on a religious level, a cultural level, a social level,” he said.

Watch the full interview with Warsame below:

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