Six Summer Skincare Hacks

skincare routine

The sun is shining and the beach is calling your name (we hear it, too).

But before you throw your skincare routine out the window in favour of salt water and coconut oil – here are six hacks from Australian Skin Clinics to ease your skin into the hotter months.

1. Switch out heavy moisturisers

A heavy moisturiser is great during winter, but in summer it leaves you feeling sticky and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe.

A lightweight moisturiser such as ReBalense Moisture – Skin Bright by Balense will illuminate and rejuvenate your skin.

2. Drink more water

We know… “Duh!”, but you’d be surprised how many people we see whose skin shows visible signs of dehydration.

Upping the H2O helps replenish skin tissue and increase elasticity (helping to avoid fine lines and wrinkles). Six to eight glasses a day and you’ll be laughing.

3. Keep your sunscreen close

And use it – every day – including on your lips. They are prone to drying out under a hot sun. Keep them kissable. Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+ provides four-hour water resistant protection.

4. Boost your skin with Hydrators

Your skin looks dull and dehydrated despite sunscreen and plenty of water? Skin Hydration injections pull and hold moisture into a gel particle just below the skin’s surface. A single treatment can have you glowing all summer long.

5. Turn down the heat

✔ Cold showers are perfect after a hot day.
✘ Hot showers dry out the skin.

6. Stock up on your favourite face mist

Trust us, your skin will thank you! A quick spritz will keep you cool and refreshed, and rejuvenate your skin throughout the day. The Balense Balensing Moisture Spritz is our go-to for thirsty skin.

Let your skin glow this summer with the help of Australian Skin Clinics. To find out more visit their website or call 1300 303 014.


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