Australian Gay Activist Loses Battle With Cancer

Australian Gay Activist

Activist Peter ‘Bon’ Bonsall-Boone, who set up one of the first organisations to battle against anti-gay laws in Australia, passed away last week, aged 78, following a battle with cancer.

Mr Bonsall-Boone is survived by his partner of 50 years Peter de Waal.

Recently, he issued a personal plea to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to pass an equal marriage law so that he could tie the knot with his partner before his death.

“I would like to get married before I die. It’s a bit difficult to get married after I die, isn’t it?,” he said.

“In looking forward to dying, one of my sorrows is that I’m not taking Peter with me.

“I am going to miss him like crazy. Marriage for Peter and me would be a great sort of fulfilment of many years of association and love.”

Last month Mr de Waal said: “I would feel pretty awful if Bon were to die as a second-class citizen.

“It is an indictment on this coalition government and their disregard for our community to be married.

“They are prepared, these people sitting in power in Canberra, to let my partner of 50 years die as a second-class citizen. My dear partner of 50 years.”

Unfortunately their plea fell on deaf ears. The couple exchanged vows in a ceremony last year to celebrate their 50 years together but, sadly, Mr Bonsall-Boone’s death certificate will read ‘never married’.

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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