Australian Conservatives Party Vows To Repeal Marriage Equality

The Australian Conservatives party has said they will work to repeal the country’s “yes” vote on marriage equality.

The new spokesperson for Senator Cory Bernardi’s party, former Australian Christian Lobby head Lyle Shelton, told Sky News the party’s policy was “to support the natural family.”

“I would expect over time we’d want to see marriage restored in our legislation and our culture,” Shelton said.

“We’re a party of principles, and one of our five pillars is family.

“I don’t expect this plebiscite can be overturned soon.

“But what Australian politics does need is a party that knows what the family is. And one that is willing to advocate for it.”

It was announced at the weekend that Shelton had stepped down from the Australian Christian Lobby to join Senator Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party as federal communications director.

Shelton said he believed that “politics needs Christian influence from the inside and political parties need good people from the inside” and he was inspired to pursue the “partisan side of politics.”

During the postal survey, Shelton campaigned alongside Bernardi as part of the Coalition For Marriage, the peak lobby group arguing against marriage equality.

After the postal survey last year he vowed to fight against marriage equality “for decades”.

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