Australian Christian Lobby’s silence on Israel Folau

israel folau martyn iles australian christian lobby's silence

The last week brought many surprises. However, nothing equals the Australian Christian Lobby’s silence on Israel Folau’s signing with Catalans Dragons. Martyn Iles appears to have said not a word.

In a statement issued by the club following his signing, Folau promised to make no further public statements on his personal beliefs. However, last year, followers of the Australian Christian Lobby donated over $2 million to fund his “test case” against Rugby Australia. Folau predicted at the time the court action “could take years and eventually end up in the High Court of Australia.”

“But,” Folau said, ” I do not intend to stop now.”

And the multi-millionaire asked for help.

“Could you make a donation… I have the fight of my life on my hands.”

However, the fight of Folau’s life lasted months, not years. It ended in mediation, not the High Court. And in return for a monetary settlement, Folau apologised for any harm or hurt he caused. While the Australian Christian Lobby’s Martyn Iles called the settlement a win, some of the people who donated money thought otherwise.

“We who donated money need to know exactly what happened? What was said at the settlement? I think we are fully entitled to know as we donated money and prayer.”

“The reason so many people donated and got behind this case was… for freedom of speech vs Marxism and PC… At the end of the day, Folau didn’t carry that flag. He didn’t believe he was fighting for a bigger cause and in the end, settled for $$$ over principle.”

Australian Christian Lobby’s silence deafening

The Australian Christian Lobby’s silence since Folau’s agreement to stay quiet in return for a no-doubt hefty pay cheque, can only be described as deafening.

In the days since Folau’s signing, the Australian Christian Lobby’s Martyn Iles has certainly not remained silent. He posted videos on climate change, Australia Day and abortion. He popped down to the tennis to let Margaret Court know that of 25 million Aussies, 30,000 wanted her to know they loved her. Martyn Iles even conducted a poll to see if followers believed he should scrunch up his notes and toss them at the end of his videos. (Most voted for Martyn to remain a tosser.)

But on Israel Folau, despite searching every day, we found not a word from Martyn Iles.

Indeed, a search of both his and the Australian Christian Lobby’s Facebook pages proved all but fruitless.

There was one comment. Quite a sad comment really — from a disillusioned follower, who received no response.

“Yes, as such I am disappointed in Izzy. Settled out of court for millions. Now signed for more money and has agreed to keep silent re his religious beliefs as part of his contract. What now? This was and is all about money. Many of us have been duped. Where is his faith versus money now?”

Well, Mr. Iles?

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