Australian Christian Lobby furious about pronouns in email signatures

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The Australian Christian Lobby has demanded all levels of government ban public servants from declaring their preferred pronouns in staff email signatures.

The group is furious that the City of Melbourne is giving staff the choice of adding a message about whether they’d like to be called “he, she or they” on internal emails.


The ACL claims the practice “weaponises” staff emails to enforce “LGBTI political correctness” and the policy may leave local government open to “future litigation”.

“The Australian Christian Lobby is very concerned at Melbourne City Council’s promotion of LGBTI political correctness,” ACL Victorian spokesperson Jasmine Yuen said.

“[This] includes the use of ‘they’ as a required pronoun in staff emails.

“This new process will compel the use of declared pronouns in reply to emails or phone calls. [This] marginalises those who adhere to the biological truth of male and female.

“The ACL call on all levels of government to be inclusive – not selective – by respecting the majority of the wider community who are on the side of biology and assert that humans are born either male or female.”

Using the correct pronoun for a person is important. It’s one of the easiest and simplest ways of showing them respect.

For many trans people, having people know and use correct and affirming pronouns is an important and validating part of their gender affirmation.

Melbourne City Council responds to Australian Christian Lobby

A Melbourne City Council spokesperson said the email policy was optional, not compulsory.

“The City of Melbourne considers the use of pronouns in email signatures a matter of personal choice,” they said.

“We fully support staff choosing to use personal pronouns in email signatures. However, there is no requirement to do so.

“The use of pronouns is listed as optional in our corporate email signature guidelines.”

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