Australia Day: It’s all the LGBT fault now

australia day

Blame quickly attaches to the LGBT community in the American-inspired culture wars seeping into Australian daily life. So quelle surprise that someone has found a way to credit us for the annual War on Australia Day crap.

BTW, no one banned anything. The soulless corporations that run the bulk of our supermarkets only GAF about one thing — profit. No moral imperative compelled any of them to stop stocking thongs bedecked with Australian flags. Peter Dutton and that antiquated radio performance artist on The Project can bang on all they like about boycotts and bans. It’s bullshit, and they know it.

Let’s meet Lisa

Anyway, introducing Lisa. Lisa has worked out that every retailer who ‘banned’ Australia Day merchandise, nevertheless sells Pride merch. And she manages to sneak in a crafty ‘think of the kiddies’ reference.

Hey Lisa, did you ever consider that maybe the Pride stuff sells?

Then, meet Leanne…

Leanne is all over X, telling everyone about her hubby working at a Woolies pub. He allegedly attended a staff meeting yesterday and was told not to wear Australia Day apparel on January 26.

Some people didn’t believe Leanne and disputed her assertion. But she became more insistent as the day wore on. By the end of the day, her husband managed the pub, and her son worked there too.

But just one big problem.

Woolies sold out of pubs in 2021. The supermarket giant retains a small, non-controlling interest and cannot instruct staff on anything.

It’s a big porky, but don’t upset Leanne. At the rate she’s going, the entire family down to third cousins four times removed will soon rely on jobs at the non-existent pub.


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  1. ollie brooks
    16 January 2024

    the living end, not lisa.

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