Gorillas Seen Having Lesbian Sex

An Australian researcher has documented female gorillas having sex with each other for the first time.

Associate Professor Cyril Grueter from the University of Western Australia was leading a team observing mountain gorillas in Rwanda when they witnessed homosexual interactions between a number of the females.

Of the 22 gorillas that were studied, Professor Grueter saw 18 of them taking part in sex activities including rubbing each other’s genitals and mating calls, but he described the behaviour as “purely sexual.”

The team observed the gorillas for two years, and in some cases the female gorillas would turn to each other for sexual stimulation when rejected by males.


“Given that all these observations come from wild groups, not gorillas held in captivity, it is obvious that homosexual activity is part of the gorillas’ natural behaviour,” Professor Grueter said.

“My impression is that these females derive pleasure from sexual interaction with other females.”

The gorillas’ courtship displays were the same as those seen with heterosexual interactions and the researchers believe they hold equal importance to the gorillas.

“Gorillas are closely linked to humans and we thought by looking at this behaviour we could learn a little more about our own evolution,” Professor Grueter said.

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