Aussie Gingzilla slays on America’s Got Talent

Gingzilla America's Got Talent
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Bearded Australian drag performer Gingzilla recently performed ‘She’s a Lady’ on America’s Got Talent. 

During the 7ft Ginger Bearded Glamonster’s performance, the judges danced in their seats.

Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, and Julianne Hough appeared ready to vote her through.

However, we won’t know until the episode airs next week.

They appeared impressed with Gingzilla’s take on the 1971 classic by Tom Jones.

The America’s Got Talent audience clapped and cheered the performance.

Gingzilla describes herself as embodying masculine-associated physical attributes: a luscious ginger beard, sky scraping height and deep booming voice.

However, she pairs all that with 7” high heels, stunning beauty, and legs for days.

X Factor U.K.

Gingzilla spoke to Radio Times in 2018 after appearing on X Factor U.K., again with Simon Cowell as a judge.

“I confuse people, I blur the line. And that is scary for most people.

“Gingzilla makes them question their own gender and sexuality, and how they are perceived.

“My embodiment of the extremes of gender — very sensual and feminine while also being macho and grotesque — elicits a visceral reaction.”

As a result of Gingzilla’s appearance on X Factor, judge Robbie Williams commented that he felt “deliciously confused”.

“Robbie babe, I’m gonna be so different you won’t know what’s hit you,” said the Glamonster.

The Sun newspaper described Gingzilla as “super weird and super funny, she’s super talented. Full of quick costume changes, hilarious routines, stunning vocals, popular culture references and challenges to your established perception of gender.”

The award-winning cabaret and performance artist appeared in North Queensland this past week for Port Douglas Carnivale.

Check out Gingzilla on X Factor U.K.

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