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How to make your house quieter

When you think of your dream home you probably envision expansive ceilings, beautiful French doors, floor to ceiling windows and features alike.

Although all these things sound stunning, the reality of it is that sound from the outside world (or other rooms in the house) will be able to travel throughout your home.

So, it’s important to come up with home noise reduction techniques before construction has started.

Brainstorming some soundproofing ideas is a great way to ensure your home not only looks fabulous but keeps the sound outside.

This ensures your interior is cosy, soundproof, and comfortable.

Invest in soundproof materials

One of the first things to consider if you are wanting to reduce outside noise, is installing materials throughout your home that absorb external sound.

For example:

  • Acoustic panels or tiles
  • Cladded ceilings (accompanied by perforated gypsum boards)
  • Clad walls with MDF boards
  • Integrate MDF boards in the ceiling (if it can handle the weight)
  • Fibreglass on the ceilings
  • Plasterboards

What type of materials you use to reduce outside noise is essentially up to you.

You may choose to use one or more of the above options, it all comes down to just how much soundproofing you want for your home.

Avoid creating hollow spaces

Open and expansive areas in a home look totally dreamy and mimic such an opulent style of space.

However, if they aren’t constructed the right way, they could be the culprit for echoing sounds and noise travelling through walls.

For example, high ceilings, staircases, and long hallways with no windows – moreover, do not install these features near your living area, bedrooms, theatre rooms, and entertainment spaces of the like.

In saying that, high ceilings are completely gorgeous and if you’re looking at how to make your house quieter, there are ways to do this while still having your dream interior.

If high ceilings are something you’ve always wanted and you can’t bring yourself to sacrifice that feature, all you need are strategically placed sound outlets (such as windows for the noise to travel out from).

If you’re wanting to discuss more ways of how to make your house quieter, get in touch with our Brisbane home renovations experts today on 0414 234 695. For general queries, or for more information on our additional services, reach out to us through our online form and we’ll be in contact as soon as possible.

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