Ask the Expert: Get past your limiting beliefs with Will Andrews

Hello, I’m Will! I’m a life and mindset coach, working predominantly with gay men.

Through coaching, I want to inspire you to live a better life; to uncover what is important, what is going to bring meaning to your life and challenge you.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be something we’ve heard, or something we’ve learnt, which can form part of our conscious and unconscious self-talk.

Over time, these “beliefs” become more prominent in our minds, preventing us from getting ahead in all areas of life – work or studies, personal life, love lives, and so on.

What a nightmare!

A successful tool in getting ahead in life is identifying and learning to move past your limiting beliefs.

How do we identify these limiting beliefs?

Think about the things you believe you know are true about yourself; what are they?

Mine, for a very long time, was that I thought I was dumb.

I had trouble at school and constantly failed my classes, and so over time, a mixture of feedback from teachers and comparing myself to my peers made me believe that I was this big dummy.

It wasn’t until starting a new program with my coach that she helped me realise that I had a decade long career as a successful property manager, constantly receiving job offers from other agencies and recruiters over the years.

While I may not be able to work my new TV beyond accessing Netflix, how could I be dumb? (Don’t answer that)

Onwards and upwards

By pinpointing your limiting beliefs that you’ve held on to for far too long, you can begin to grow and change in ways you hadn’t previously imagined.

Now it’s time for you to get rid of those beliefs, and make your life big, baby!

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