Ask the experts: How to tackle small apartment renovations

A man in a checked shirt changes a light bulb in a small apartment renovation

Has the time come to consider a small apartment renovation? Every space needs renovating sooner or later, but it may often be delayed as it seems complex and daunting.  

Before the first sketch, before the first nail is driven, it’s vital to have a very clear picture of what is wanted and what’s important. 

Open up spaces

Many apartments that are ready for a renovation feature spaces that are broken up and enclosed – a kitchen closed in by four walls, with a separate dining area that is a bit too small to be comfortable is a common expression of this.

To the extent possible, it is highly effective to open up and connect related spaces.

Likewise, if a rather dark, enclosed interior space can be opened up to an attractive yard or balcony using a window wall and doors, the feel of the space becomes much larger although the square footage has not changed.

Look to the lighting

Changing to updated and more attractive lighting will make a big difference.

Even recently-built spaces tend to have very basic, even minimal lighting.

You can change all this – indirect area lighting with focused accent spots in the living room, under-cabinet task lighting in the kitchen, ceiling channel lighting to brighten up a dark hallway – just about anything you might want is available. 

Insulate the space

When renovations are ongoing, it can be a good time to improve and increase insulation, not only in perimeter walls but also in the walls between interior rooms.

This helps retain warmth in colder months and makes the space easier to cool when it gets warm outside.

And the more people living in the apartment, the more everyone will appreciate the noise reduction – it can be substantial.

Talk (and listen) to your contractor

The contractor’s first task is to listen. Every space is different, and every customer has a unique perspective and different needs.

Let your contractor know what you want from the renovation, in as much detail as possible, and take advantage of their knowledge and experience by listening carefully to their suggestions and advice. Everything is on the table when it comes to small apartment renovation ideas.

Establishing good communication right from the start will help carry the renovation project through to a successful outcome.

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