Ask the Experts: How small business can support people with disabilities

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Ben Bullivant from Living Communities explains how small business can make a positive change to the lives of people with disabilities

In Australia, people with disabilities experience several social disadvantages, like a lower likelihood of achieving higher education and a higher chance of being outside the workforce.

This can lead to social isolation where people with a disability do not have a connection with work colleagues.

Small business can play a vital part in providing flexible working arrangements and upskilling our most vulnerable.

This may include increasing in training outlays and ensuring the workplace is accessible with a culture that creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The costs associated with skilling and training are a burden on all small business.

However, a small business that invests in a person with a disability and provides equity and a safe space to work, will generally have a long-term employee that will show loyalty to the business, lowering staff training costs overtime.

Small business employment

The research has demonstrated that “Improving employment outcomes for people with disability will provide significant benefits to workplaces, the economy, the community, and individuals themselves.”

Employment provides people with disability with increased income, and with this, higher living standards and financial independence.

It also contributes to a sense of identity and self-worth and a decrease in social isolation.

Businesses that employ people with disability benefit from the diverse range of skills, talents, and qualifications that people with disability have to offer.

A small business that invests in workers with a disability has higher rates of retention, better attendance, and fewer occupational health and safety incidents than those without a disability.

Not only is this good business sense, it’s also beneficial to our overall sense of good corporate citizenship.

This means prioritising equity, diversity, and inclusion within the business cultural environment.

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