Ask The Experts: Brisbane Airport

A hot new route

International travel is returning to Brisbane Airport, which is amazing news for all those who love to travel.

This includes most of our favourite direct routes, but there are also some new spots to consider.

United Airlines is now taking off direct to San Francisco from Brisbane, three times weekly, giving you better access to San Fran, Yosemite and Napa Valley.

Just don’t forget you need to apply for your ESTA to enter the United States.

Check your passport

It’s likely that it’s been a while since most Queenslanders have travelled, and it may be a surprise just how fast that 10 years on our passports ticks away.

Make sure to check that expiry date, and if it’s coming up within the next 6-12 months, get a replacement ASAP.

None of us like the dreaded passport photo, but with international travel returning and staffing resources being an issue across Australia, passport processing times may take longer than expected.

And who wants to pay that express fee? Better spent on the holiday, am I right?

Planning ahead

We all know the risk-takers who arrive as close to the flight as possible, and the dads who arrive the day prior and set up camp, but how long before an international flight should you ACTUALLY arrive?

Brisbane Airport continues to suggest allowing at least 3 hours before an international flight (90 mins for domestic FYI).

This is to ensure you have enough time for check-in, bag drop, security screening, and passport control, and to grab a cheeky beveragino before you make your way to the gate for boarding.

International airport security screening and PLAGs

Security screening for travel can be tricky, and many people have forgotten how to travel since COVID.

For international travel, the rules are stricter than for domestic travel, and you must watch those PLAGs (Powders, Liquids, Aerosols, and Gels).

Of these items you can take up to 100ml or 100g in your carry-on baggage – checked luggage has no limits.

Liquid, aerosol and gel items must be stored in a resealable transparent plastic bag that measures approximately 20cm x 20cm, and you must take this out of your bag upon screening (along with your laptop and other electronic devices).

Can I pack that?

You would be surprised what people absent-mindedly try to take on planes (fish hooks, paintball guns, prop severed heads).

We have a handy webpage outlining everything you need to know about security screening, including a link to the “Can I Pack That?” app.

It’s always best to get a second opinion! 

Checked luggage and delays

No one enjoys a luggage delay, and while airlines work hard to ensure that your bags arrive the same as you do, delays can happen.

While this isn’t ideal, it’s the reality of travel, so here are a few BNE hot tips just in (suit) a case for flying out of Brisbane Airport:

  1.  Buy a GPS luggage tracker for your bag (and your peace of mind). They cost approximately $40-$50 and sync to your
    smartphone so you can track your luggage easily and instantly.
  2. Pack all your essential items in your carry-on. Make sure you have packed your medication, important documents,
    chargers, favourite clothes, fresh underwear, skincare (under 100ml) and other must-need items
    in your packed luggage, just in case your checked luggage is delayed.
  3. If you do find that your luggage didn’t arrive with you, don’t panic (because you have obviously
    followed rules 1 and 2). The best thing to do is email your airline first – as this will place a timestamp on your delayed luggage and airline customer care will respond based on this.

Check out Brisbane Airport’s guide to security screening and packing at their website.

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