Art Simone talks applying for Drag Race Down Under Season Two

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Vollie LaVont, Mandy Moobs and Sellma Soul. Photos: Joel Devereux

Art Simone talks to QNews about casting for RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, season two. After a stellar season one, RuPaul is on the hunt for the next gaggle of queens to take to the runway.

Do you have what it takes?

Casting is currently open for season two and it’s anyone’s game.

To watch our full interview with Art Simone click HERE or scroll to the bottom of this page.

“Just be your bloody self!”

There’s no denying Art Simone was an iconic addition to the Stan Original series, RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under.

After being eliminated, only to return again Art made her way all the way to grand finale.

So what tips does she have for upcoming queens applying for the show?

“Just be yourself,” Art says.

“Which I get is the weirdest thing to say to a drag queen whose job it is to dress up as someone else! But be authentic to your drag persona that you’ve spent years working on and creating.”

Authenticity however is the key piece of advice she has to impart. “Don’t go and try and mimic other styles and mimic other performers or other queens, because the world has already gotten to see them. You need to be showing what’s special about you.”

Second to that is an insightful bit of advice about not setting your standards too high.

Remembering they need queens of all sorts of experience and ability on Drag Race she says. “Don’t forget they need shit drag queens as well!” she laughs.

‘Don’t think you’re not good enough because there’s gotta be light and shade. It’s not going to be a room full of the best drag queens in the world.”

Art makes a valid point, no one is too good or too bad for Drag Race, everyone has a chance.

“So if you think ‘oh I’m a bit too rough around the edges’, go for it! The world loves an underdog! I think there is a spot on the cast for everyone.”

On creating an audition video it’s important not to try and over do it she emphasizes.

“Just do it on your bloody iPhone, don’t stress. Pull stuff from your own wardrobe. Because if you present someone different on your tape to the person that shows up on set, they’re gonna fish that out very quickly.”

At the end of the day, she has one key piece of advice. “Just be your bloody self!”

To hear more tips and tricks on the casting process watch the full interview with Art Simone and Michael James below:

What does Art Simone think of our Brisbane queens appearing on Drag Race?

Earlier this year we took a look at six Brisbane Queens we wanted to see on Drag Race Down Under.

After not seeing any Brisbane queens on the program, this could be their year.

So we asked Art Simone about what she thought of our Brisbane Queens appearing on Drag Race Down Under. 

Vollie Lavont
“Vollie is one of my favourite drag queens! She is so funny, she is just the life of the party everybody loves her!”

Sellma Soul
“Sellma has really come into her own over the years. She is so talented, so fun, so smart and so unique as well. I’d love to see her because she is a flavour and a taste of drag that I don’t think the world has seen yet on the Drag Race platform.”

Mandy Moobs
“We all love Miss Mandy Moobs. She’s so fun and she’s an amazing seamstress. So she’d do well in any sewing challenge.”

Chocolate Boxx
“Choccies amazing. She’s so high energy and fun. She is just the nicest person in the world. I’ve never met a person with a bad word to say about Choccie. I mean she won Miss First Nations, so she’s very talented!”

Gayleen Tuckwood
“I think I’ve judged two of the drag competitions she’s been in and she is always so good and her outfits! I’m sorry Mandy but like Gayleen’s outfits are pretty damn good too!”

Bebe Gunn
“She is such a strong force, she’s a very talented drag queen. But also very community-minded. She’s a really great flavour and I love that she sounds like a truck driver as well!”

If you think you have what it takes to take to the runway for Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under it’s not too late!

Casting is open until 9:30pm on Tuesday the 5th of October!

Head to

Take a look at the casting announcement below.

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  1. Kris
    1 October 2021

    season 1 was not stellar it was far from it. Over produced and rushed.

    lets call a spade a spade, season 1 was a let down. BUT This was not any of the queens fault (competitors) they did fantastic. My issue is with Ru and the team the produce the show.

    they dropped the ball big time on this series

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