Art Simone reveals truth about her Drag Race Down Under runway

art simone drag race down under episode 6 priscilla drag family resemblance rupaul's drag race
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Drag queen Art Simone has responded to the judges’ critiques about her Priscilla look on the runway on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under.

On episode six, the Drag Race Down Under queens give six players from gay rugby the New Zealand Falcons a drag makeover.

The queens were rewarded for having a strong family resemblance between them and their new drag daughters.

Art Simone was paired with rugby player Jonah, who she transformed into Craft Simone.

The pair took to the runway as the stars of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Mitzi and Felicia.

But the judges gave the pair a mixed-to-negative critique.

Michelle Visage declaring she saw “zero family resemblance” but said the look was “really, really well done”. RuPaul also said the look “missed the mark”.

art simone drag race down under episode 6 priscilla drag family resemblance rupaul's drag race

Art Simone reveals change to runway theme

In a series of tweets after the episode aired, Art gave her followers a lengthy explanation of the paired looks.

She claimed the runway instructions were originally quite different.

“Fun fact, when we got the runway list, this category said ‘House of…: bring two coordinated wigs and costumes that represent your drag family’,” Art tweeted.

“It wasn’t till we were on set that they renamed the runway to ‘Family Resemblance’.

“So that’s why I decided to bring the two complementary looks that represent my chosen drag family.

“We have been doing our Priscilla tribute show for over seven years. It’s such a big part of how I know all my drag sisters.”

Art explained that because Priscilla means so much to her drag family, she wanted to bring that to the screen with her new drag daughter, Craft Simone.

“Every year I have always played Mitzi and worn a thong dress, while my big sis [Philmah Bocks] paid homage to Felicia,” Art wrote.

“I thought it was only fitting to pass down the role to my drag daughter and create a reinvented version of the costume for her.”

She urged any of her Twitter followers that didn’t understand the runway to watch the iconic 1994 film, which “features two characters that become family through their love of drag”.

Flip flops, thongs or jandals?

Art Simone also shared a funny behind-the-scenes moment that didn’t make it into the episode.

“I wish the conversation made it to air where Ru called it the flip flop dress, I called it the thong dress and then Craft called it the jandal dress,” Art said.

“They were all very confused about ‘jandal’.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under is streaming in Australia each Saturday on Stan.

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