Art Simone debunks Drag Race Down Under conspiracy theory

drag race down under art simone rupaul's drag race conspiracy theory
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RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under star Art Simone has debunked a conspiracy theory claiming RuPaul was “green-screened” into the new series.

We’re two episodes into the new series, and more than a few RuAnon conspiracy theorists have taken to Reddit and Twitter with editing allegations.

“I feel like RuPaul isn’t actually there,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “It could be the weird camera angles that are making me question him actually being there.

“But especially through the walkthrough, Ru usually goes around the room and talks to the queens.

“We didn’t really see any shots of the queens and RuPaul during the snatch game. Does anyone agree or am I being delusional?”

A third added, “I thought it was just me! Something seems so weirdly off about the way they’re shooting this show compared to US/UK versions.”

Another Reddit user declared, “I’m living for this RuAnon conspiracy.”

However drag queen Art Simone, who was eliminated from the show last weekend, has debunked the rumour.

“Just here to quash the rumours that RuPaul was green-screened onto set,” she tweeted.

“There’s no way we would have the budget after we splurged on those beautiful cement cherubs.”

RuPaul did 14 days quarantine for Drag Race Down Under

Earlier this year, a New Zealand government spokesperson actually confirmed that yes, RuPaul himself had landed and entered “managed isolation”.

Ru and fifteen other overseas Drag Race Down Under workers – both cast and crew – arrived in New Zealand. They all were doing their time in quarantine, the spokesperson said.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under filmed earlier this year in Auckland. New episodes arrive each Saturday in Australia on Stan.

After Art Simone’s exit, the remaining queens are Coco Jumbo (Sydney), Maxi Shield (Sydney), Anita Wigl’it (Auckland), Scarlet Adams (Perth), Etcetera Etcetera (Sydney), Kita Mean (Auckland), Karen From Finance (Melbourne) and Elektra Shock (Auckland).

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