Argentina’s DQ first son wants to be Rainbow High


Estanislao Fernández is a 24-year-old social media influencer, drag queen and son of Argentina’s new President. He caused a sensation by wearing a rainbow flag as a pocket-handkerchief to his father’s inauguration.

Estanislao already established a notable following as a singer, dancer and actor before his father’s election. However, as the son of a presidential candidate, he gained further notoriety.

President Alberto Fernández previously declared his pride in his son.

“I have pride in my son. How can I not be proud? My son is a rights activist in [the LGBTIQ] community.

“I would worry if my son was a criminal, but he is a great man.”

The internet lit up in Argentina over images of Estanislao at the inauguration with a rainbow pocket-handkerchief.

However, he later revealed the handkerchief was actually a Rainbow Flag.

Don’t cry for me Argentina

Not everyone was happy, however.

“Don’t cry for me Argentina,” sings the cinematic Eva Peron. But you can’t stop conservatives in Argentina or anywhere from sobbing about the existence of anyone different to themselves.

Eduardo Benetti worried on Twitter about the effect on heroes from the nation’s past should they rise from their graves.

“The baseness in which we have fallen as a country is tremendous. Welcome to total decay! If our heroes rise from their graves and observe the gnaw that was yesterday in our beautiful May square and as they left the town hall, they would surely die of a heart attack.”

Probably, the living present a greater danger to the President’s son than zombies, however legendary.

At the end of October, Eduardo Bolsonaro, tweeted an image of himself with an assault rifle, contrasted with one of  Estanislao in drag as Dyhzy, his drag character.

Eduardo is the son of Brazilian strongman Jair. He obviously sees the juvenile bully American princelings Donny Jr and Eric as role models.


Estanislao lives with his girlfriend of three years and describes his sexuality as fluid.

He enjoys cosplay as well as drag and that reflects in the costumes he wears as Dyhzy.

In probably one of the most original methods ever of devising a drag name, he came by it when he thumped his head on the keyboard in search of a sign-on to enter an online video game.

Sadly, Estanislao closed down his Twitter account over harassment the day before the inauguration. He previously spoke of the bullying he received at school for his effeminacy.

A few weeks ago he posted in advance of a local Pride march:

“We have advanced a lot as a society and we are on a very good path, but until discrimination, violence, hatred, and impunity against us cease to exist, the claim continues.”

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