‘Are you judging us?’: The Block’s Mitch and Mark lash out

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A tense exchange on The Block between host Scott Cam and couple Mitch and Mark has sparked heated debate and accusations of homophobic innuendo on social media.

On Sunday night’s episode of the renovation show, Cam delivered feedback and critiques from the judges to the show’s competitors.

Speaking to a competing couple, Cam said one judge noted they had adjusted their layout “considering the party room on top of Mitch and Mark’s house”.

“This is very clever planning, to present a potential master bedroom on level two of your home, to get away from the noisy people in [Mitch and Mark’s] place,” Scott said, prompting a groan from the gay couple.

Then Mark responded: “There’s no noisy people. People need to cope with the fact that there are multiple living spaces in all metropolitan homes.

“They need to actually step away from it because they have no idea.”

He continued, “It is a living space as any house in any suburban part of Australia has.

“And if they’re making a judgment about us — because they’ve often said, ‘People like us’ — I need to understand what does that mean? Are you judging us?”

The exchange continued, with Cam replying: “I certainly don’t think they are making a judgment about you guys personally.

“They’re making a judgment about having an entertainment space next to a master bedroom.”

Mark hit back: “It’s a living area. You need to step away from that.”

Cam replied: “I don’t need to step away from nothing, mate. I’m the one reading the feedback. I don’t think it’s wrong, but anyway.”

Debate over ‘The Block’ confrontation on social media

Mitch later said in a piece to camera he’d found Scott Cam’s comments “offensive” but did not wish to elaborate.

But in last Monday night’s episode, he claimed Cam had made similar comments before, news.com.au reported.

“Scott Cam has said to me, ‘This is a party house, for people like… us’,” he said.

“I don’t know what he means. Is he making a judgment about gay people? That because of our age, and that we’re gay, that we’re going to be partying?

“If he’s making a judgment like that, when he doesn’t know who we are, then that’s a homophobic comment.”

The Block host Scott Cam ‘horrified’ at ‘miscommunication’ in exchange with Mitch and Mark

But on Monday, Scott Cam said he was “horrified” if the exchange was “miscommunicated” and interpreted as homophobic.

“You know the judges are referring to Mitch and Mark’s place as a party house, I’ve suggested it’s a party house and so have Mitch and Mark,” he told 9Now.

“I think there was a miscommunication that they were perceiving when I was saying ‘you guys’.

“I was referring to – which I have many times – that they’re cashed-up empty-nesters, which is something those boys are.

“That’s what I thought they were upset about. I had no knowledge of their thoughts that I was referring to them and their sexuality. I didn’t think that because I wasn’t doing it.

“I’d be horrified if somebody felt uncomfortable or compromised by their lifestyle.”

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