Are Sheldon Riley and Hugh Sheridan on The Masked Singer?

Hugh Sheridan Sheldon Riley The Masked Singer

With the latest season of The Masked Singer kicking off this week many fans are speculating that Sheldon Riley and Hugh Sheridan are behind two of the masks. 

The first week of the show has already seen three well-known Aussie celebrities unmasked with more surprise reveals promised.

The Masked Singer, Season Four

As season four of The Masked Singer debuted this week many speculated if the success of the show could continue.

Pitted against new seasons of My Kitchen Rules and The Block set the show for some stiff competition.

But on Sunday night The Masked Singer still placed second with 598,000 viewers tuning in to see which celebrities were behind the masks.

Neighbours star Ryan Maloney, aka Toadfish was the first celebrity revealed. The following two episodes unmasked Aussie legend Lisa Curry plus actress and Survivor winner Pia Miranda.

Now, attention has turned to the remaining celebrities and there is one voice everyone is sure they know.

Is Sheldon Riley the Snapdragon?

Since the first preview of The Masked Singer 2022 dropped many ears pricked at the familiar voice of the Snapdragon.

Singing Never Enough from The Greatest Showman displayed a deep and mysterious voice that reminded many of Sheldon Riley. His following performance of Demi Lovato’s hit Sorry, Not Sorry further cemented speculation about his identity.

Further clues about the Snapdragon also pointed to Sheldon Riley, including a Filipino flag, a reference to his single Fire and the 100 points he scored at Eurovision: Australia Decides 2022.

While fans aren’t as adamant about the inclusion of Hugh Sheridan, there are still many guessing they are behind one of the masks.

Off-screen Hugh Sheridan is also known for their singing talents as well as their acting career.

They have performed at The Brisbane Festival in recent years and many familiar with their voice are speculating that Sheridan could be the singer behind The Rooster.

“I am not on The Masked Singer”

However, one Australian celebrity wants you to know that he is not on this season of the show.

Aussie singer Anthony Callea took to Instagram earlier this week to post a message for fans.

Responding to messages he received, Callea made himself very clear.

“For the 83rd year in a row. I am not on The Masked Singer!” he said.

“I spend a lot of money on this face and I would never cover it.”

“Even though they’ve asked me quite a few times, but no” he quipped.

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  1. liz
    27 August 2022

    I think that Hugh Sheridan is possible the masked singer Rooster one the clue with Nepal He went looking for his brother in Nepal. and the other clue there was a helicopter Hugh rented a helicopter to look for his brother. The snapdragon i wouldnt be surprised if its Sheldon Riley.

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