Aquaman kissed a guy in superhero show ‘Young Justice’

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Photo: Cartoon Network

In big news for superhero fans, Aquaman gay kiss with an underwater lover on-screen in the DC Universe’s animated series Young Justice: Outsiders.

In the latest episode of the Cartoon Network TV series, the new Aquaman, whose name is Kaldur’ahm, smooches a male partner after they reunite.


On Tuesday’s episode of the show’s third season, titled “Quiet Conversations,” Kaldur makes out with fellow Atlantean Wyynde.

It was a brief and subtle moment, but people took to Twitter to express their excitement about the development.

“Apparently Aquaman from Young Justice is gay and just had an on screen kiss with another man? Why aren’t more people talking about this? This is a huge moment in animation history,” one DC Universe fan tweeted.

Another wrote, “A bi racial gay super hero? I LOVE THIS! I’m inspired! Thank you @TheDCUniverse, for this moment.”

DC Comics features many LGBTIQ characters

The revelation isn’t about the original iteration of the superhero, Arthur Curry, the Jason Momoa version, sadly. Kaldur, previously known as Aqualad, was trained by King Orin to take his place as Aquaman.

Aqualad has been a prominent gay character in the DC Comics since his debut in 2010. He came out to his father, Black Manta, in a previous comic.

His dad responded: “You say that as though you’re asking me a question. You think I care? We’re all just meat.”

DC Comics features many LGBTIQ characters, including Kate Kane from Batwoman, Dreamer from Supergirl, and also Sarah Lance from Legends of Tomorrow.

Australian actress Ruby Rose played Batwoman in a crossover episode last year. In May, US network the CW announced she would star in an entire series around the character.

Last month, actress Tessa Thompson suggested Valkyrie would be in a relationship with a woman in the next Thor film.

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