AOC goes viral after hilariously trolling homophobic hecklers

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has responded after a video of her dancing along to “Westboro Baptist-style anti-LGBT+” chants gained traction on twitter.

The New York Democrat held a town hall meeting last week ahead of the US midterm elections.

Midway through the meeting, AOC was met with raucous protests from disgruntled constituents.

The barrage of unhinged, chaotic screams and chants from the crowd expressed an array of complaints.

These ranged from proclamations that “there’s only two f**king genders”, to accusations that she was denying housing to heterosexuals.

The latter was in reference to AOC’s proposal for a policy providing affordable housing for LGBTQ+ people.

In the viral clip, AOC appears to be sitting on stage, nonchalantly, as the crowd break out into chants of “AOC has got to go” along to a drum-beat.

The far-left politician bops her head along to the chants, mockingly brushing off her shoulders while sporting an amused grin.

‘What do you think I’m gonna do? Take them seriously?’

The Democrat took to twitter to address and provide context to the clip:

“NY-14 will ALWAYS have a champion for LGBTQ+ people on my watch. Period.”

The disruptions are among several instances of outbursts throughout AOC’s electoral campaign.

Earlier in October, AOC had to confront another heckler who accused the politician of voting to start a war with Ukraine.

Despite these attacks, Ms Ocasio-Cortez successfully wrapped up the town hall by highlighting the efforts to increase public safety, receiving a rousing ovation from her supporters in response.

Nevertheless, the trailblazing congresswoman affirmed her commitment to the LGBTQ+ community, by vowing to always be a champion for the community. Period!


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