Antic’s dangerous ban on gender-affirming healthcare

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South Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic has announced plans for a private member’s bill calling for a ban on all gender-affirming medical treatment of transgender youth.

Antic’s proposal would mean under 18s would only be allowed to change their gender in “exceptional circumstances.” This includes people who have “long-diagnosed sexual development disorders.”

The senator says he is introducing this bill because of an increase in young people being treated for gender dysphoria. Antic says he believes most people choose to transition because of pressure from friends or medical professionals, not a genuine medical need.

He told The Australian, “There is a growing number of young people who have sought ‘gender-affirming care’, including taking hormone therapies and surgery, now believe that pursuing this course of action was a mistake.”

“This suggests gender-affirming care is not the right course of action for those experiencing gender dysphoria – especially vulnerable young people.”

The bill is not a Liberal party policy, but the senator says it will have the support of many of his parliamentary colleagues.

More funding, more access and fewer restrictions.

Stephen Bates MP, the Greens LGBTQIA+ spokesperson has called the announcement an “anti-trans hate campaign.”

“Access to healthcare for trans people needs to be led by the trans community and medical experts – not hate-fuelled politicians. When it comes to trans healthcare, we need more funding, more access and fewer restrictions.

“We should not give this man and his crusade against trans kids any more oxygen.

“Transphobia has no place in our parliament. Trans rights are non-negotiable.”

Gender-affirming health care saves lives

Rodney Croome, spokesperson for Just.Equal Australia pointed out that gender-affirming health care saves lives.

“Study after study shows that gender-affirming health care saves lives so a bill banning it will put lives at risk.

“Australians do not want to co-parent with politicians like Senator Antic.”

Antic is known for his attacks on the LGBTQIA+ community. Last year, he accused the ABC of ‘child grooming’ because they featured drag queen Courtney Act in a Children’s story time. He has also quizzed health department officials over how they define a woman.

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Brooke Tindall

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  1. Peter Turner
    18 October 2023

    Those on the far right have always got to have some group to “other”.

    Following the lead of the far right in the US they have decided that that group will be the trans community.

    Most of those who seem to think their opinion should outweigh the actual medical facts of the matter have never even met a trans person let alone have the necessary knowledge or life experiences which might make them qualified.

    What really peeves me is to see members of our own community trying to distance themselves from trans rights. Recent discrimination within some segments of the lesbian community against trans women really makes me question the motives behind it.

    Some are even advocating removing the T from LGBTQI+. Our community has always been a very broad church offering support and a sense of belonging to people of all sexual and gender orientations.

    In my opinion, if you cannot support our entire community then perhaps you should question whether it is, in fact, you who don’t belong.

  2. Rob
    18 October 2023

    This guy is an idiot and clearly should not be in Parliament.

    19 October 2023

    the elephant never forget.

  4. Jan
    21 October 2023

    Typical!!! This is Trumpism politics sneaking into the political parties in Australia. If he wants to spout that sort of garbage he need to migrate to the US where is bigotry and hate would fit right it.

    Why do politicians like this think they have any right tell another person what they need or don’t need in terms of healthcare? He doesn’t know each individual person’s medical history. He should stay out of people’s lives. Pretty sure he wouldn’t like it if it was his personal life being invaded.

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