Anti-trans white supremacists celebrate Hitler’s birthday

hitler's birthday thomas sewell anti-trans white supremacists
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A group of 20 anti-trans white supremacists celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday at a Melbourne restaurant on Thursday night. Police attended and moved them on after the group stood for a Nazi salute.

The group included Thomas Sewell, leader of the National Socialist Network. He and several other attendees participated in Posie Parker’s notorious Melbourne TERF rally earlier this year.

Victoria Police confirmed that police attended the venue on Thursday night. However, with the Nazi salute not currently a crime, they simply moved the group on.

“It is understood a group of people performed a Nazi salute at a venue on Burwood Highway and were asked to leave about 8.45pm.”

Holy Day

Thomas Sewell later posted to Telegram describing Thursday as a holy day.

“Despite not breaking any laws and not disturbing a soul, we were set upon by a dozen scum from Victoria Police who were terribly upset we were celebrating this holy day instead of the government-approved gay or paedophile holidays,

“Being confronted by systemic violence while our families and babies were present we were forced to eat our Hitler cake while being escorted from the shopping centre under threat of political violence.

“They persecute us because they know we are rising and the world will learn the truth about Hitler and look to us for leadership.”

“Something is very wrong in Victoria.”

Dr Dvir Abramovich of the Anti-Defamation Commission condemned the event.

“Something is very wrong in Victoria, and we should be all alarmed by this brazen and stomach-churning outrage that will forever be a stain on our state.

“This beyond despicable display of Hitler worshipping and depravity belongs in Nazi Germany of the 1930s.”

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  1. Andy
    25 April 2023

    Such a clear thread, a pipeline of belief, anti trans, anti queer, anti semitic, climate hoax, holocaust and extinction denial, plandemic, chemtrails, qanon, rule by lizard people. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

  2. Peter Turner
    2 August 2023

    It is way past time for all Australian Governments to act and pass legislation banning the swastika and Hitler salutes.
    The rhetoric of these despicable cowards constitutes hate speech and should also be prosecuted.
    Why should LGBTQI events be cancelled? Police should show up and arrest the neo-nazis and protect our events.

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