Anti-Safe Schools Campaigner Marijke Rancie Elected To Victorian Liberal Party

Marijke Rancie

Anti-Safe Schools campaigner Marijke Rancie has been elected as a delegate within the Victorian branch of the Liberal party.

Rancie featured in the Coalition For Marriage’s “It’s Ok to Vote No” ad campaign during last year’s marriage postal survey and is a high-profile opponent of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program. The Victorian mother posts on social media as “Political Posting Mumma”.

At the Victorian Liberal party’s state conference last week Rancie was elected to the junior position of a being a delegate, one of several people with strong anti-LGBTI views to be elevated within the party structure, The Age reported.

In her Liberal delegate campaign statement Rancie, who is Mormon, described herself as a “lobbyist against the appalling Marxist Safe Schools programs,” which she said was “grooming” children.

The Department of Education told The Age a number of claims made by Rancie were false.

Meanwhile, infectious diseases expert Dr Ivan Stratov also won a seat on the party’s administrative committee.

Dr Stratov, who has previously run as a Family First candidate, has made controversial comments about people living with HIV.

Speaking at an anti-Safe Schools forum at the Bendigo Baptist Church in 2017, Dr Stratov blamed HIV on poor moral judgement.

“I studied a disease called HIV; 35 million people have died from that disease because they all decided they were going to make man’s love, not God’s love,” Dr Stratov said, according to the Bendigo Advertiser.

Bendigo-born HIV activist Dean Beck slammed Dr Stratov’s comments as “misinformation”.

The Victorian Liberal party faced a backlash last month ahead of the conference for a motion on the event’s agenda calling for parents to be able to access harmful and discredited “gay conversion” therapy for their children.

The party’s president Michael Kroger intervened to shut down the “inappropriate” conversion therapy motion, but two other motions calling for the Safe Schools program to be banned in Victoria remained on the agenda.

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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