Anti-Gay Group’s Conference Opens With ‘Extremely Gay’ Rainbow Flag Dance

An extreme anti-gay group from the US has been lambasted online after opening a conference with a flamboyant, rainbow flag-waving interpretative dance.

MassResistance, a group dedicating itself to “confronting the attacks on traditional family, children, religion and society”, began its Teens4Truth Conference with the performance by Florida minister Derek Paul last week.

Media outlets around the world praised the performance but pointed out the stark contrast to the group’s militantly anti-gay views.

“It very well may be the gayest display of performance art that we’ve ever seen emerge from a gathering of anti-gay bigots,” the HuffPost wrote. “[It] has us all wondering… Are we being trolled?”

SBS wrote: “It’s honestly impossible to see this man twirling and turning to this anthem about loving yourself and letting go of hate as anything but incredibly, extremely, gay.”

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