Anti-drag protesters break into building of gay NYC politician

Bottcher home vandalized
Images: Twitter

Two anti-drag protesters were arrested this week after entering NYC Council Member Erik Bottcher’s apartment building, amid a targeted anti-LGBTQIA+ demonstration.

The incident marks an escalating series of event involving Bottcher, after the Council Member attended a Drag Queen Story Hour.

The Story Hour was targeted by a group of protesters who swarmed the entrance to the event, chanting hate-speech and also holding signs calling the participants ‘groomers’.

The councillor took to Twitter to share a video of the “Faces of Hatred” gathered outside of the event.

“Today I witnessed pure hatred and bigotry outside Drag Queen Story Hour at a public library in Chelsea,” Bottcher captioned the video.

“Inside, I witnessed a loving and peaceful reading of children’s books to kids.”

The event was billed as “storytime with local drag performers adapted to be more accessible to kids with autism and other disabilities.

Protesters descend upon Bottcher’s home

Following the incident, pictures of the event Bottcher shared to his Twitter were flooded with “vile and bigoted” comments.

The group initially targeted Bottcher’s office building, vandalizing the corridors, banging on doors and shouting anti-LGBTQIA+ slurs.

Bottcher responded firmly, stating “We will not be cowed. We will not be silenced. We will continue to stand up against hate.”

Later in the evening, however, the protests reached a boiling point, descending upon Bottcher’s home.

The protesters scrawled “filth” on the sidewalk outside of his building and physically assaulted his neighbours, before breaking into the lobby.

The vandalized hate-speech called Bottcher a “groomer” and “child predator”.

“Tonight the Drag Queen Story Hour protesters came to my apartment building and gained entry,” Bottcher also said on Twitter.

“I’m sorry my neighbors had to see filth these people wrote on the sidewalk. This is pure hate, unmasked.”

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  1. Peter Turner
    24 December 2022

    So where were the police during all of this?
    Probably busy handing out his home address and ferrying the protesters to the protests.
    The MAGA Republican Party can no longer be called a conservative party.
    It is now beholden to far right conspiracy theorists, white supremacists and neo-nazis.

  2. Stuart Duel
    27 December 2022

    America isn’t going to end well, but we all suspected the inevitability of the USA collapsing into Christo-fascism.

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