Andrew Bolt Fights Back After ‘Glitter Bomb’ Attack

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt may be best described as a “controversial, conservative commentator”.

Certainly he is not everyone’s cup of tea – but if you want to take him on you’d better be well versed in self-defence.

That’s what three men found out at a Carlton restaurant this week when they “jumped” Bolt and sprayed him in the face and body with “sticky liquid with glitter and dye” while he took a selfie with a woman.

“Bad luck for them of course – I don’t do running and hiding,” Bolt said, claiming to have delivered one assailant “a big bruise on the left side of his face and another bruise between his legs”.

“I don’t really fight nice if I’m pushed too far,” he said.

Bolt called the men “left-wing fascists” and said the attack was “cowardly”, demonstrating “another warning of the rising violence of the left”.

Victoria Police confirmed the incident was under investigation and said no one was injured.

“The two males, who were wearing hooded jumpers, have thrown what is believed to be glitter and shaving cream at the victim,” a police spokesman said.

“A short scuffle has taken place before the offenders fled the scene. Another male who was in the area at the time appeared to be filming or taking photos.”

The incident sparked vigorous debate on social media, being likened to the recent “pie thrower” attack on Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Bolt attacked media reports of the incident, taking offence at a report by Nic White in the “equally Left-wing Daily Mail on line’’, which “tries to imply I deserved it and am a hypocrite’’.

The Mail story included a background paragraph to Bolt “defending the man who slapped a pie into Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce’s face over his pro-gay marriage stance’’.

Tony Overheu, a 67-year-old former farmer, has been charged with common assault, trespass and damage.

Bolt replied: “Nic White just made up that last line. I did no such thing…

“While Joyce and his media supporters have been loud in supporting his own right to speak in favour of same-sex marriage without fear of physical attack or harassment, they’ve given little support to a similar freedom for their opponents.’’

Bolt was at the Il Gambero restaurant for the launch of The Art of the Impossible by RMIT associate professor Steve Kates, a former chief economist for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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