And Just Like That: Sara Ramirez hits back at ‘hack job’ article

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And Just Like That actor Sara Ramirez has hit back at a recent article that was critical of their portrayal of nonbinary comedian Che Diaz.

A recent June 20 profile from The Cut by nonbinary features writer Brock Colyar drew parallels between the actor and the controversial AJLT character.

In the article, Colyar noted that Che Diaz has garnered “plenty of eye-rolling from the (mostly younger) queer people I know, who found the character a hyperbolized, hypercringe representation of nonbinary identity.”

Ramirez did not respond in the immediate aftermath of the article, instead taking to Instagram earlier this week.

“Been thinking long and hard about how to respond to The Hack Job’s article, ‘written’ by a white gen z non-binary person who asked me serious questions but expected a comedic response I guess,” Ramírez wrote in a post that included two photos that had been featured in The Cut’s story, but didn’t name the reporter directly.


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“I trust that those of you who matter, who are not petulant children, who are smart enough to catch on to what was actually going on there, can perceive it for what it is: an attempt to mock my thoughtfulness and softness, while dismissing a valid existence and real human being in favor of tv show critiques that belonged elsewhere.

“I am not the fictional characters I have played, nor am I responsible for the things that are written for them to say,” they wrote.

“I am a human being, an artist, an actor. And we are living in a world that has become increasingly hostile toward anyone who dares to free themselves from the gender binary, or disrupt the mainstream.

They concluded their post with “some friendly reminders,” including: “When a cis man is in charge and has ultimate control of dialogue actors say, and you have a valid problem with it, perhaps you should be interviewing him.”

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