And Just Like That isn’t quite ending after the season finale

Sex and the City Just Like That Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Samantha Jones, Michael Patrick King

This week will see the end of season one of And Just Like That starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis

But producers of the show have dropped something extra for those not wanting to see it end so soon.

Fans of And Just Like That will be treated to something extra the day after.

“Even 23 years in, I’m excited, terrified, but excited.”

Following the finale of And Just Like That, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis will appear in And Just Like That… The Documentary.

It’s not quite another episode but its plenty of content to keep us entertained.

And Just Like That… The Documentary will feature behind the scenes footage of the women as they filmed the new series.

The trailer, which dropped yesterday, even provides a glimpse of Cynthia Nixon working as a director during filming as well.

It’s definitely another nostalgic trip as cameras follow Sarah Jessica Parker preparing for her scenes.

“Even 23 years in, I’m excited, terrified, but excited” she gushes to the camera.

The much-anticipated reboot of Sex and The City debuted to mixed responses for audiences.

While some characters like Charlotte have remained the same or become more exaggerated, others have changed dramatically.

What happened to Miranda Hobbes?

Cynthia Nixon has long played Miranda Hobbes, a much-loved part of the original duo.

Known for her acid tongue and rigid ways in Sex and The City, fans expected more of the same in And Just Like That.

Many were surprised when the show debuted a much different Miranda and we’re not just talking about the hair.

As the season has progressed Miranda has continued to explore an attraction and eventual romantic relationship with non-binary character Che Diaz.

The sharp change in sexuality has also seen a switch in characteristic changes for Miranda.

Once confident, Miranda has now been bumbling her way through narratives around race and gender.

Whilst she repeatedly shut Steve down for simply being too needy, Miranda has been prancing through her own rom-com desperately chasing Che.

It’s a stark change for the character, a change viewers are either loving or hating equally.

The season finale teases some big decisions for Miranda regarding work and love.

The bigger question is, will we get a season two?

And Just Like That… The Documentary will air on Binge in Australia this week.

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