And Just Like That, is Samantha Jones returning?

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And Just Like That, the first season of the Sex and the City reboot is done and Samantha Jones is alive and well.

So well, in fact, she could soon become a reality in the new world of And Just Like That.

Nearly a year has passed during the course of the first season and a lot has changed.

Whilst Kim Cattrall is adamant she’ll never return, showrunners have kept Samantha Jones alive and well in London.

Now the season finale has left us hanging with some big questions.

Mixed Reviews for Season One with no Samantha Jones

Sex and the City went off the air nearly twenty years ago And Just Like That it returned in 2021.

Debuting in December the show has had mixed reviews around the world.

Some who tuned in for the nostalgia were miffed to see major changes in the leading ladies.

Many bemoaned the absence of Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones.

Viewers were shocked to see the infamous “Mr Big,” husband of Carrie Bradshaw killed off in the first episode.

Others were more perplexed at Miranda’s shift in personality and sexuality.

While some of us were just along to enjoy the ride.

Season one draws to a close

Simultaneously a lot and not much happened in the course of the season finale of And Just Like That.

Charlotte continued to struggle with her child Rock, who ultimately refused their “They mitzvah.”

It was a nice way to give more depth to the evolving story with her child and their gender identity.

Early episodes left the children two-dimensional and unrelatable.

Meanwhile, Carrie spent the episode pondering where to lay Big to rest.

Which has largely been her story this season, indecision.

Amidst an awkward date, a substandard kiss, and a faulty light Carrie finally found her answers.

Miranda however continued to chase her own answers, hoping to find them with Che, in LA.

And Just Like That, Carrie and Miranda reverse roles

“You’re living in a fantasy!” Miranda Hobbes famously yelled at Carrie as she uprooted her life to move to Paris in Season six.

And Just Like That, twenty years later the stiletto is on the other foot.

Standing in a bathroom the two women argue over Miranda’s decision to follow Che to LA.

It’s a scene ripped almost word for word from the original outside the church.

Carrie is faced with judging Miranda’s decision to leave.

“What are you going to do in LA all day? Sit in an audience and laugh?”

It’s as though Carrie’s been holding onto that line for twenty years to throw it back at her.

As though coming out of a coma Miranda finally starts to speak perhaps some of the most sense she has all season.

“Am I not allowed to change a little bit or a lot? Or change back again if I feel like it?”

“Do I have to follow my own rigid rules til the day that I die?”

2021 Miranda has been different, softer, irrational, romantic and gushy.

It’s not the character viewers fell in love with, addressing her change was a nice way to round her out for the season.

Ultimately, sporting a freshly dyed head of red hair Miranda heads to LA while Brady sets off to backpack for a year.

However, viewers are robbed of our chance to say goodbye to Steve before the episode closes.

What to do about Samantha Jones?

And Just Like That showrunners haven’t just left the door open for Samantha Jones, they’ve thrown it wide open.

And she’s about to walk through it

After texting back and forth earlier in the season Carrie begins her communication with Samantha again.

This time ending in Paris, after throwing Big’s ashes off a bridge Carrie text’s her former best friend again.

An invitation for a cocktail in Paris between the pair is accepted.

So what now?

Only a miracle will bring Kim Cattrall back to the program.

The chances of her returning to reprise the role are less than 1%.

So what game are they playing?

If the program returns for a second season a few scenarios could possibly play out.

Most likely, Carrie returns to New York and tells the girls how great it was to catch up with Samantha again, we never see her.

Alternatively, Samantha turns her stands her up either through spite, emotion or circumstance.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it, don’t hate me” we can just see the text now.

The most daring scenario however would be to recast the iconic character.

There are few who could fill the iconic shoes of Samantha Jones as well as Kim Cattrall.

To attempt to do so would be a dangerous move for the program.

What remains for the future of And Just Like That and its leading ladies is anyone’s guess.

Will we get a second season? Will Samantha Jones return? Will Miranda find happiness?

And for the love of all things sacred, will someone please look after Steve!

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