American politician laughs about executing gays

Mike Hill executing gays
Rep Mike Hill and a friend. Image: Facebook

In a recording obtained by the Pensacola News Journal Florida State Representative Mike Hill laughed at the idea of executing gays.

Hill met with a group called Women for Responsible Legislation.


The audience obviously comprised some men.

On the tape a man addresses Hill.

“In 1 Corinthians, it says that a man who has an affair with another man will be put to death.”

Hill responds that the Old Testament agrees.

“It says that in the Old Testament, too.”

Someone else asks, “Can you introduce legislation?”

People laugh, and the state representative joins the chuckles.

“I wonder how that would go over?” he says.

Representative Mike Hill defends his chortles about executing gays

Hill attempted to deny the meaning of his comments in a series of tweets after the Pensacola News Journal posted audio of the discussion.

He responded to Representative Carlos Smith who demanded he apologise or resign. Smith is openly gay.

“Fake news, Carlos! And you know it.


“I never said I wanted to kill anyone!

“Instead, I am being attacked because I have made a strong stand to protect the preborn in the womb.

“You should focus on doing your job better instead of every word that proceeds out of my mouth. #Obsession.

“I said I didn’t recall laughing or the comment before I heard the audio.

“This event happened a week ago Thursday.

“I laughed at the nonsense of running legislation that the gentleman in the audience suggested.

“And you know it.

“Don’t join the #FakeNewsMedia

“If you listened to the audio and still come to that conclusion, then you really are a partisan hack.

“My resignation ain’t gonna happen! Your attacks are because I don’t back down from strong conservative values including protecting the preborn!”

Hill made other comments later in the meeting.

“You can say, ‘But I was born that way.’ OK, well, fine, but nobody’s forcing you to engage in that relationship, even if you were born that way.”

Representative Smith hit out at his fellow legislator.

“I’m shocked & disgusted to discover a colleague who I’ve worked closely with would joke about punishing me by death for being gay.

DOGS deserve protection, but not LGBTQ people.

“To add insult to injury, I joined forces with [Hill] last year to protect greyhound racing dogs. Apparently, he thinks DOGS deserve protection, but not LGBTQ people. Those are his priorities. How insulting …”

Hill has a history of homophobia with former complaints about Pride parades and ‘the gay agenda’.

He once said, “Let’s replace LGBTQ with a ‘?’ That covers the whole thing.”

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