Amazing Race winners’ sweet second marriage proposal at finish line

amazing race australia winner tim and rod channel 10 gay couple same-sex marriage
Photos: Network 10

Amazing Race Australia winners Tim and Rod shared a sweet second marriage proposal at the finish line of the Channel 10 reality show.

After taking out the final leg of the compatition, the gay couple weren’t done celebrating.

Tim used the happy moment to explain to host Beau Ryan that he had always wanted to propose to Rod.

“Rod’s proposal [last year] was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said.

“I always wanted to ask him. That was my dream.”

The lovely moment didn’t make the show’s final episode on Tuesday night, but Channel 10 posted the footage to social media.

In it, Tim gets down on one knee and professes his love for his husband, who he officially wed in March.

“Rod, I love you so much, mate,” Tim said.

“I was so scared growing up of what my future might look like, but when you came into my world all that fear went away.

“I love you with every ounce of my heart and soul, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life together.

He continued, “No matter what the future holds, no matter what roadblock, what u-turn, what detour, we’re doing it together. We’ll always make it to that pit stop hand-in-hand.”

In front of the other Amazing Race teams, host Beau Ryan pronounced the pair “husband and husband”.

Amazing Race Australia newlyweds Tim and Rod won $250,000

Tim and Rod took out the win in the final leg of The Amazing Race Australia on Tuesday night, winning $250,000.

“We thought we already knew each other pretty well,” Rod told 10 daily.

“But to be thrown into this situation where it’s so high-pressure and intense. It was make or break, and for us, it was make.

“For us to get out of this and not have had one fight, and be just as much in love – if not more – than we were when we rocked up in Seoul, that in itself is iconic.”

The couple married in March after meeting two and a half years ago.


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