Alone on Valentine’s Day? #VDayPunOff will cheer you up

Zoos and parks around the globe are at war on Twitter today and it’s all because of #VDayPunOff.

What’s #VDayPunOff you might ask? Well, it’s a hashtag parks and zoos are using to make animal puns about Valentine’s Day.

The formula goes like this: upload an image of a furry friend and accompany it with a punny pick up line.

But what’s even better, they’ve made me forget the constant reminder that I’m forever, painfully alone.

So, here at QNews, we’ve compiled a list of some of our fav-fur-ite animal Valentine’s tweets. Check them out below. They’re seriously cute and punny af!

Oklahoma City Zoo

 ZSL London Zoo

Wildlife Sydney and Taronga Zoo

Wellington Zoo and Taronga Zoo

Indeed it seems like Taronga Zoo is acing the #VDayPunOff challenge.

Zoo and Aquarium ASSN and Perth Zoo

Because who doesn’t love a little bit of Grease?

 GSO Science Center

Zoos Victoria

Ooh, now that #VDayPunOff tweet is a bit shady! Obviously we’re here for it.

Centennial Parklands and Taronga Zoo (again!)

Yeah, Taronga Zoo is undoubtedly winning. Just check out its smooth lines down below.

And last but certainly not least, this golden #VDayPunOff tweet:

Wellington Zoo and Auckland Zoo

These were too darn cute and punky as heck. One thing’s for sure, I do feel better after reading through these.

#VDayPunOff without a doubt improved my Valentine’s Day. How about you?

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Jade Fitzpatrick

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