Almost half of Australians say they wouldn’t date a bisexual

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Nearly half of Australians wouldn’t date someone who openly identifies as bisexual, the ABC has found in its new Australia Talks survey.

For the big survey, the ABC reached out to 60,000 Australians to get their opinions on all sorts of topics. Hosts Annabel Crabb and Nazeem Hussain presented the results in a TV special last night.

In the survey, the ABC asked, if they weren’t in a relationship how “open they’d be to romantic involvement” with someone who identifies as bisexual.

Forty-four percent of all of the respondents said they’re “not at all” open to the idea.

However, of the 56 percent who said they’re open to it, only 20% said they’re “very open” to it.

However Annabel Crabb broke down the survey results further. She clarified that the answers were very different depending on age.

For a vast majority of the young Australians, their partner being bi wasn’t an issue. Eighty-four percent of 18-24 year olds said they were “very open” to it.

However for Australians over the age of 75, more than three-quarters of people said they were “not at all” open to it.

“This has all the hallmarks where attitudes are going to change over time,” Crabb said.

People are shocked by the bisexual dating statistic

The statistics on the Australia Talks special last night sparked a lot of conversation online.

Young bi men twice as likely to be closeted as gay men

In 2018, a Triple J survey found young men who identify as bisexual are the least likely to have come out.

They surveyed 11,000 people aged 18 to 29 and found young gay men are twice as likely to have come out as bisexual men.

James Dominguez, who is part of the Bisexual Alliance in Victoria, says bi people are plagued by stigma and negative stereotypes.

“There are people who realise they’re bisexual, they find it in themselves and say, ‘This is me,’” he said.

“They go out and look for a community, only to face biphobia and rejection from the community they find.

“We put a group together to walk in Melbourne’s pride march. As we walked, people were shouting at us to ‘Get off the fence,’ and ‘Make up your minds.’

“They were saying ‘There’s no such thing as a bisexual.’

“There are assumptions… that bisexuals are incapable of being monogamous or they’re incapable of not cheating on their partners.

“In the gay community, bisexuals are accused of ‘not coming fully’, they’re told they ‘haven’t made up their minds’. I’ve known I’m bisexual for 20 years. If it was a phase, it would have ended by now.”

As a result of that stigma and discrimination, many bisexual people aren’t open about who they are and sadly face poorer mental health outcomes.

On September 23 every year since 1999, Bi Visibility Day has celebrated the B in LGBTIQ, fight bi erasure and encourage the broader community to recognise and celebrate bisexuality.

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