Alleged Parliament House rapist scrubs internet presence

alleged parliament house rapist
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The alleged Parliament House rapist purportedly scrubbed his internet presence and disappeared from public view this week. His actions follow allegations of inappropriate behaviour, sexual assault and rape from four women. Various independent news media and social media accounts named the supposed perpetrator over the last week. They describe him as a former Liberal Party ‘rising star’ and member of Hillsong Church.

Historic rape claim regarding current Cabinet Minister

*CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses rape

Update: Labor Senate Leader Penny Wong and Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young referred an allegation to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on Friday that a current Cabinet member raped a woman in 1988 before he entered politics.

The South Australian woman who alleged the rape made a complaint to police last year. However, the New South Wales police discontinued their investigation after the woman took her own life.

South Australian police are however continuing an investigation for their report to the coroner on the woman’s death.

While the identity of the alleged rapist has not been disclosed, social media users have narrowed down a list of suspects based on age and presence in Sydney in 1988 either as a resident or visitor.

Senator Sarah Henderson

On 28 February 2021, Senator Sarah Henderson stated that she earlier forwarded an email to the AFP alleging a historic rape by a now Labour member of the Federal Parliament. The woman who sent the letter to Senator Henderson later said she also sent letters to Labor’s Tanya Plibersek and Greens Senator Hanson-Young.

This is not the first time these allegations have been raised. Kathy Sheriff first made the allegations in 2014. At the time, Bill Shorten outed himself as the accused man. The Victorian Police then investigated the allegation but did not press charges.

In Australia, people are innocent until proven guilty.

However, we must remain alert that politicians do not interfere with the proper administration of justice or just hush matters up.

Rape is not partisan

Australians should remain vigilant not to play partisan favourites regarding the accused. We have seen in the past that sexual abusers and rapists exist on all sides of politics. Rapists and abusers do not favour one particular political party.

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NB: Please note QNews will delete any comments which defame either of the alleged perpetrators by identifying them. We also apologise in advance for the repeated but necessary use of the word ‘alleged’.

Allegedly, the man identified as the rapist no longer worked for the Liberal Party when the story broke. His subsequent employer, a large tobacco company, apparently dismissed him suddenly last week.

Independent news sites such as the Townsville Magpie, True Crime News Weekly and Kangaroo Court of Australia all once again put Australia’s mainstream media to shame. Such sites repeatedly break stories the MSM avoids for fear of alienating or endangering its access to the powerful. Sadly, it also appears that some of the MSM avoid reporting on incidents that may damage their political allies.

Say nothing regarding alleged Parliament House rapist

Despite politicians and their staffers refusing to admit any knowledge of the man concerned, one staffer told QNews his identity was well-known.

The staffer, who works in the Sydney office of a Federal politician said the party did not circulate any official advice concerning statements on the matter. However, he also said the word quickly spread via unofficial channels to say nothing.

The alleged rape

Just over a week ago, a Liberal Party staffer alleged she was raped in Defence Minister Linda Reynolds’ ministerial office in 2019. She alleged a senior staffer committed the rape. Brittany Higgins told reporters that the perpetrator took her to Parliament House after offering to drop her home. She said she was drunk following the alleged perpetrator buying her and fellow staffers ‘lots of drinks’ during a night out.

Brittany Higgins said that after the rape she thought she had to choose between seeking justice or keeping her job. She no longer works for the Liberal Party. Her partner also left his job this week as a direct result of the controversy. His position involved seeking government contracts for a media monitoring company. He said he felt his continued employment might result in adverse outcomes for his employer. The government could potentially cancel existing contracts with the company.

The alleged Parliament House rapist previously worked for former Attorney-General George Brandis and current Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Since deleted images from the man’s Facebook accounts show him partying with former colleagues after leaving his employment with the Liberal Party. Some of those former colleagues now work in the Prime Minister’s office.

Blaming the victim

Reports today claim the Liberal Party is constantly cleaning up comments on their social media pages disparaging the rape victim.

“I do not condone what happened to this girl…

“Why was she so drunk that she passed out on this job she waited all her life for. Does she bear any responsibility for what happened?”

A Liberal Party spokesperson told the party immediately deleted the comments once becoming aware of them.

“We will delete any similar comments.

“Those comments were clearly wrong and we condemn them.”

Craig Kelly

Meanwhile, Craig Kelly, the controversial member for the NSW federal seat of Hughes, today quit the Liberal party.

Kelly became famous for his promotion of unproven COVID-19 treatments, as promoted by wannabe American coup leader Donald Trump and former celebrity chef Pete Evans.

A senior aide of Kelly’s continues to work in his office despite facing multiple allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards young women. Police last year obtained an AVO against Frank Zumbo relating to claims he kissed a 16 or 17-year-old intern on the neck.

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  1. Fred Nerk
    23 February 2021

    A member for Hillsong, hey? A rising LNP star, hey? rubbing shoulders (and who knows what else) with our nation’s prayerful leaders. Is it any wonder the alleged perp felt privileged and entitled?

  2. Agnostica
    23 February 2021

    Have you explored connections to the ACL, You would find a little added bonus if you were to investigate.

    • Elia Kazan
      1 March 2021

      I thought ACL’s Lyle Shelton ended up with egg all over his face after a very depressed man tried to commit suicide in the carpark of ACL in Canberra with a van loaded with bottled gas cylinders.

      For months afterwards, he kept blaming gay, leftist greenie terrorists for the explosion:

  3. Anonymous
    24 February 2021

    FYI: Did you know that ******** flew out of Australia on Tuesday on a Qantas flight bound for the USA? His flight was facilitated by the ** according to my source.
    Please withhold my name.?
    ** Edited for legal reasons. QNews.

  4. Peter Turner
    26 February 2021

    Another Bible bashing Hillsong member exposed as nothing more than an alleged criminal rapist and serial sexual predator. No wonder the PM wants to distance himself from him and no wonder he was never informed although I find that extremely doubtful. As usual the victim pays the price by losing her, and her partner’s jobs. The Liberal Party should immediately reinstate her to a similar position.

  5. YDFOC
    28 February 2021

    Hillsong wow this is going to right to the top of the ladder me thinks. If only the current government would hold an election right now. Albotrosity would be a better option!

  6. 1 March 2021

    A bit of sleuthing….

    There are 42 MPs who are members of the Ministry, which includes the inner and outer cabinets and the parliamentary secretaries.

    After eliminating 11 women MPs, and 5 members of the Nationals (or the issue would have been referred to MickMack instead of Scomo), leaves 26.

    Then eliminate the 8 MPs who were aged 12 or under at the time (1988) brings the number down to 18.

    As the matter was referred to State Police in NSW and South Australia, and you are left with a total of 5 MPs from NSW and SA (including Scomo), However there are two MPs with previous form who are from other states, which brings it up to 7. Not the Magnificent 7, but the malodorous 7.

    Am I prepared to name him? No! The numbers haven’t pointed him out yet.

    But a Greens senator has threatened to do so, don’t be SHY.

  7. 1 March 2021

    The Christian theme is very strong here, Jesus must be very upset.

  8. Brendan
    2 March 2021

    Why hasn’t the historical rape allegation been reported to our very much Christian Federal Attorney General? Being the highest ranking lawman in the country, I’m sure he would know how to handle things!!!

  9. Violet
    2 March 2021

    He is a man of power and has fellow cronies, so will get away with it. They always do. Just take a look at Defence for an example. Rape, sexual, physical and verbal assault and bullying are rife, plus paedophilia. So many so called internal “routine inquiries” to “investigate” offences but lead to no convictions. This results in those that report being criticized and threatened professionally for reporting, therefore discouraging them from reporting in future! Defence is an absolutely disgusting organisation that is lead by putrid leaders in politics! I want leaders who actually believe in and abide by morals!

  10. Manny Davidson
    16 March 2021

    I been fighting a haveGovernment Department about something different, but just as important for year’s now, after many complaints about this Department and having an internal investigation… Which happened about three times. The blame ALWAYS came back to me being the problem.
    It didn’t matter who I tried to reach out for help to, as I was always told, YOU CAN’T BEAT THE GOVERNMENT.
    It sickens me to think that they ALL cover for one another by (as they call it, being a team player) and God help you if your not.
    They make your life a living nightmare and excluded you from the fold, making it impossible to work for them anymore.
    And if you are as unlucky enough to be someone like me, their abuse of power comes in many forms believe me as I have lived it and still am. I pray that these poor women get justice but I feel they are fighting a loosing battle, just like I have been for years now.

  11. Nathan Henderson-Scott
    23 March 2021

    If it is true that the alleged quadruple rapist is a member of Hillsong and was helped by any MP or their staff to flee justice by flying out of Australia today this should be investigated by the AFP and if proven they should be arrested, handcuffed and walked out of Parliament and placed in a police wagon and face the full weight of the law no matter how high their position in government they hold. That would be justice that these women and Australian taxpayer’s deserve as a minimum. Don’t show pixilated pictures, this bastard is a threat to every woman in Australia, they have the right to know what he looks like, because if someone’s young daughter gets taped by this bloke, I believe they would have a case against the government, several members of it, the rapist and a failure of the AFP not to have arrested this bloke on the alleged rape of Britney, and the other three women. No doubt there are other women out their in Canberra that have been preyed upon but haven’t come forward.

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