All of Us Strangers: Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott’s ‘ghostly gay romance’

All of Us Strangers Paul Mescal
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The first image from Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott’s ghostly gay romance All of Us Strangers has been released. 

Andrew Haigh, the acclaimed queer filmmaker behind Weekend is set to release another beloved queer film.

The film is based on the 1987 Japanese book Strangers by Taichi Yamada, which tells the story of two men who live in the same London apartment complex.

According to the official synopsis, All of Us Strangers follows screenwriter Adam (Scott) who, one night in his vacant tower block in present-day London, shares a chance encounter with Mescal’s character, Harry, that punctures the rhythm of his everyday life.

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It describes Adam and Harry as getting “closer” before the former returns to his childhood home. There, he finds that his long-dead parents (portrayed by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell), who are both very much alive, and looking the same age as the day they died over thirty years ago.

All of Us Strangers is an ‘interesting film’

In an interview with Radio Times, Haigh praised the film’s cast and their time together on set.

“I mean, all of them, you know, Paul, Andrew, Claire, Jamie Bell,” he said.

“They were like a dream cast to work with and so, no, it was a really beautiful experience and the film’s nearly, you know, we’re coming to the endpoint now, nearly finishing it off and so, no, I’m really pleased with that.”

Haigh deemed his latest movie “a very interesting film” and was anxious to see “how people take it”.

However, fans have quickly taken to social media to share their excitement.

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