Ali Choudhry Faces Deportation and Imprisonment as Relationship Goes Unrecognised

Ali Choudhry

Ali Choudhry, a gay man who has resided in Brisbane for four years is facing deportation next week after his partnership visa application was denied.

This decision puts him in danger of imprisonment in his country of birth due to his openly homosexual identity. Ali Choudhry, who grew up in the United States, has limited connections in Pakistan and does not speak the local language. For the past four years, he has been in a relationship with Dr Matthew Hynd, a neuroscientist in Brisbane.

Ali Choudhry and Dr Hynd were among the first gay couples in Queensland to register their civil union on March 12, 2012, which was a significant and joyous occasion celebrated with family and friends. However, the immigration authorities crushed their hope for recognition and acceptance of their relationship through a partnership visa. Rejecting the application after a lengthy two-year process. They find themselves perplexed as to why the authorities do not acknowledge their long-term partnership as legitimate.

The consequences of deportation are dire for Mr Choudhry, as he could face harassment and potential life imprisonment in Pakistan due to his sexual orientation. Having lived most of his life in America, he has no familiarity with the language or job opportunities in Pakistan, making it an incredibly challenging prospect.

Mr Choudhry, who lost all his belongings during the Brisbane floods, had set up a photography business in the city, but his future there is now uncertain. He firmly believes that marriage equality and related issues need to be addressed urgently.

Despite lodging an appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal after his visa review application was rejected, there is no guarantee of success. The Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, was unavailable for comment, but his spokesperson stated that same-sex couples are assessed no differently from heterosexual couples in immigration matters. All applicants must meet relevant criteria beyond demonstrating a genuine and ongoing relationship.

For Ali Choudhry and Dr Matthew Hynd, the rejection of the partnership visa has left them in a distressing predicament. They feel helpless and uncertain about their future together, with limited options for recourse. They hope that their love and commitment will be recognized, allowing them to remain in Brisbane as a couple and avoid the potential dangers Mr Choudhry faces if deported to Pakistan.

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