Ali Brigginshaw defends Israel Folau’s right to play

ali brigginshaw israel folau
Ali Brigginshaw and Kate Daly

Ali Brigginshaw, captain of the Bronco’s NRLW team, Friday defended Israel Folau’s right to return to the game. Ali, openly in a relationship with long-term partner Kate Daly, nevertheless expressed her disappointment with Folau’s social media postings.

The Bronco’s NRLW captain spoke about Folau on Hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt.


“It’s his opinion. I just wish he didn’t share it on social media.

“If he is allowed back into it I think he doesn’t need to voice his opinions there.

“I think he’s an amazing player and it’s disappointing that he wrote that … but I don’t think he should be disadvantaged from playing.”

Ali Brigginshaw

Ali Brigginshaw joined the Bronco’s NRLW team as one of its first signings. Soon after the Broncos named her as captain of the team.

Previously, she was Woman of the Match at the 2017 Women’s Rugby League World Cup Final as a member of the Jillaroos.

In 2018, Ali captained the Jillaroos, the Australian national women’s rugby league team.

Previously she also won boxing championships after taking up combat sports while recovering from a broken leg.

Ali is open about her relationship with Kate Daly. She famously kissed her partner after winning 2018’s inaugural NRLW premiership.

Ali Brigginshaw on Social Media

Previously, Ali Brigginshaw spoke about her attitude toward social media.

“Life’s different now and everyone’s out there to find the negative so I’m definitely very cautious about what I post.

“But then I also won’t hide my life from social media just for some people. I’m pretty open that I’m in a same-sex relationship and I’m happy and that’s how it is.

“You would always kiss your partner after a game. All the boys do it so I don’t understand why us girls can’t do it.”

Israel Folau


Meanwhile, court proceedings continue over Israel Folau’s termination from Rugby Australia.

Last month, the media reported on court documents which revealed Folau previously offered to apologise for some of the postings that resulted in his sacking.

Further, he conceded the postings could have been harmful to young gay people.

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