Albany councillor Thomas Brough claims LGBT+ includes ‘minor attracted persons’

Albany Thomas Brough
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City of Albany councillor and emergency room doctor Thomas Brough used Tuesday night’s ordinary council meeting to platform anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric. 

Dr Brough falsely claimed the wider community should be aware paedophiles, or what he dubbed “minor-attracted persons” were part of the “+” in the LGBTQIA+ acronym.

“I would encourage people to look into what minor-attracted persons are,” he told the meeting.

His comments came after fellow councillor Amanda Cruse praised the Albany Pride Festival.

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Albany Pride committee member Tiger Bird told ABC that the comments had no basis or evidence.

“Frankly, it’s laughable and it’s just ridiculous and the fact that in 2024, we’re still rehashing antiquated nonsense is frankly astounding,” they said.

“The ‘plus’ doesn’t, despite his claims, include minor-attracted people.

“We need to ask this councillor where he’s getting his information from, and to categorically deny a lot of the claims that could be made against him.”

Councillor reiterates claims in radio interview

Despite the backlash, in an ABC interview Wednesday morning, Dr Brough again falsely claimed the “plus” included people “sexually attracted to children”.

“I just think we’re talking about a broad coalition,” he said.

“People are rightly concerned about some of the people who come into that coalition.

“I’m not interested in what people get up to in the bedroom — it’s none of my business.

“However, incorporation of people who are adults sexually attracted to children, minor-attracted persons, is a cause for concern if you’re adding them into a coalition.”

Opposition leader Libby Mettam called Dr Brough’s comments “bizarre”.

“I need to better understand that, but obviously those comments are not appropriate,” she told the ABC.

In other news, Albany Pride Festival is running until March 4. Check out the program at

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  1. DavidJSNSW
    1 March 2024

    Dr Brough might like to do something about paedophiles who identify as heterosexual if the welfare of children is his cause. It’s called keeping your own side of the street clean.

    • Lewis J SA
      26 March 2024

      Indeed DavidJSNSW “Doth protest too much, methinks”. Let’s hope DCP be inclined to monitor the outlier.

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