Alaska finally speaks about All Stars 7 rejection

Alaska Thunderfuck Drag Race All Stars 7

Drag Race superstar Alaska Thunderfuck has finally spoken about her true feelings when finding out she wasn’t picked for All Stars 7.

As arguably one of the favourite contestants in the shows history many were surprised she was not selected.

This week on her podcast she has broken her silence.

Why was Alaska not selected for All Stars 7?

When the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7, the all winners season, was announced all eyes were on the queens on weren’t selected.

With nearly 20 winners world wide in the franchise at the time of filming, just eight were picked.

Whilst all were worthy winners, there are many faces fans were dying to see.

Since then favourites like Bianca Del Rio have revealed she turned down the opportunity.

However others like Bob The Drag Queen revealed she was never even called.

Now as the fourth episode of the season approaches this Friday Alaska has spoken about her feelings on not being selected too.

Season five I went in knowing I wasn’t going to win.”

One of the the things any Drag Race fan knows is that Alaska went into the competition as one of the shows biggest fans.

In fact she went into season five very aware of what her chances of winning were and why.

She told Qnews “Season five I went in knowing I wasn’t going to win.”

“Sharon had just won. I know this show. There’s no realm of reality where they’re going to crown a winner from the same city let alone someone who’s dating the winner from last season.”

But All Stars was a different game altogether.

“With All-Stars 2 I was like, everyone thinks I’m going to win. So the expectation and the pressure was really high.”

But when she walked away victorious Alaska made her mark in the competition and earned her place in the fall of fame.

When All Stars 7 kicked off this season Alaska had to make the tough decision to review the show on her podcast Race Chaser with former contestant Willam.

Revealing on the podcast she said she was “very apprehensive going into” it (the current season) owing to her feelings.

“Because when I wasn’t asked to be on it, I was very, very emotional and I was very, very hurt and sad by that” she explained.

“So, I was like, ‘Is this going to be too hard? Is it going to be really difficult for me to even watch and talk about it?”

But she revealed she was happy she did after watching the premiere.

“I’m so glad that this is happening with these girls. The energy of ‘nobody is going home,’ everyone is just [delivering] f**king home run after home run.“

“They want you competing against Sharon Needles”

Meanwhile co-host Willam had her own ideas about why Alaska wasn’t invited to compete.

“They want you competing against Sharon Needles, and Sharon Needles is not allowed on TV right now because people would scream and protest” Willam speculated.

Alaska and Sharon famously dated for 4 years before and after their respective Drag Race appearances.

Willam was referencing allegations that surfaced about Sharon in 2021 accusing the winner of inappropriate dealings with a then 15 year old fan.

“So, once she is allowed on TV again, maybe in a few years, you’ll be back to compete with her” she continued to speculate on the podcast.

“Because they want that personal relationship between you two on display…And they can’t do that right now, so that’s why you were not asked to be there” she concluded.

Exactly why Alaska was not invited is still not certain, however it’s clear it was something she would have immediately said yes to.

Watch our full interview with Alaska Thunderfuck and Michael James below.

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  1. alyr
    12 June 2022

    She wasn’t asked because she didn’t deserve to be asked. Her behavior was horrible starting with Rolaskatox bullying against Jinkx to her obnoxious temper tantrum when Jinkx was announced. THEN she was totally unlikable on All Stars. Cut me a break. Furthermore, she’d NEVER beat Jinkx who is slaying every episode and has slayed LIFE since her season ended.

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