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Former radio broadcaster Alan Jones has announced his return to Australia after an extended stay in London.

Jones went to England in December after threatening legal action over allegations of indecent assault.

The Herald and Age newspapers detailed allegations from five men that Alan Jones sexually assaulted them during his radio career. Before his retirement Jones wielded significant influence as a top-rating talk-back host with the ear of Australia’s conservative politicians.

In a video released to social media, Jones said he returned to Australia with the intent of going back on-air. He was last on-air on Australian Digital Holdings TV in November.

“I have every intention of returning to broadcasting eventually. It is what I do. My work is my life. I could have retired, but as I’ve often said, if you stop, you drop.

“However, I won’t be returning just now because of my latest medical assessments conducted in the last week.”

The broadcaster said for now, his focus would be on his health.

“I hope I am far from the end of life, but I have been advised that I have a serious need of getting well. And I must now take the medical advice and do everything within my power to preserve my existence in the most comfortable way possible,” he said. “If others want to continue to throw stones at me, that is their choice.”

As he has in the past, Alan Jones denied the allegations of sexual assault.

“I am not going to dwell, here, on the allegations made about me other than to say that I refute them entirely and the inferences associated with them.”

Jones also denied media reports that he went to England to spend time with protege Jack Thrupp.

“He was actually in Bali most of the time when I was sharing London experiences with my godson.”

The broadcaster said his trip to London kept a promise to his godson to show him the best of London’s West End theatres for his 21st birthday.

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  1. Michael
    21 March 2024

    Are we supposed to have missed THIS over amplified living megaphone?! I don’t care IF he is apparently you know of our ‘persuasion’, he has never been & will never he ‘on our team’. He is one of those, just when you relax & think it is safe you don’t seem to hear from him anymore, up it rear’s it’s ugliness all over again. Nothing pleasant ever comes out of its trap, why are we supposed to get all wet now he is about to return? He has plenty of similarly ill minded turkeys that can bow & rejoice in their own space! I can do without seeing it “BACK!”! in this space.

  2. Peter Turner
    22 March 2024

    Who cares if this poor excuse for a human being has returned from England.
    He always denies allegations against him, always threatens to sue but never does, and disappears when the going gets tough.
    I don’t care if he’s gay. He’s never advocated for our community and always sucks up to the far right wing nut jobs who seek to deny us our hard won rights.
    Back on air?
    Only Sky would have him anyway!

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