Alan Carr’s funny autobiographical sitcom now on streaming

Alan Carr sitcom Changing Ends coming to Australian TV
Image: ABC

Alan Carr’s funny semi-autobiographical sitcom Changing Ends has finally arrived on streaming in Australia.

The British comedian appears as himself, narrating the sitcom, alongside young actor Oliver Savell as Alan’s younger self (both pictured above).

Changing Ends debuts on Australian TV on ABC on Wednesday night (January 3) but yesterday the broadcaster put every episode up early for streaming on ABC iview.

The six-episode sitcom is based on Alan’s life, growing up as the gay son of a football manager in Northampton in the East Midlands in the 1980s Thatcher years.

In the coming-of-age comedy, young Alan grapples with puberty and crushes on boys as well as school bullies and the pressures of football.

“Believe it or not, there was a time before I was a national treasure,” present-day Alan explains in the show.

“Didn’t the ’80s drag? Has anyone checked it actually was a decade? Because it felt a lot longer.

“Don’t get me started on the mid-80s. Puberty came along, punched me in the face, left me with the eyesight of a mole and the voice of an elderly lady.

“Unknown to me, this metamorphosis was fast turning me into a social pariah. For every pube I gained, I lost a friend!”

Alan Carr’s Changing Ends gets second season

Alan Carr’s Changing Ends premiered in the UK last year, and was such a success UK broadcaster ITV renewed it in November for a second season.

“Looks like we’re heading back to Northampton!!” Alan said at the time.

“Absolutely buzzing that Changing Ends is back for a second series.

“I have so many more stories from my teenage years growing up in Northampton to tell, about me, my family, my neighbours and, believe it or not, football! Shocker!”

You can watch Alan Carr’s Changing Ends in Australia on ABC TV and ABC iview.


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  1. Michael Reid
    2 January 2024

    This article reminded me Alan was filming THIS, thanks guys. Been an adoring fan of Alan’s since Chatty Man {don’t we all wish this was still going?}: His affable style of interviewing can still be enjoyed on his Podcast “Life’s A Beach” where he invites largely UK notables {some you won’t know any better than your neighbours at the end of your townhouse block, but no less want to miss once hooked}. One of the positives of having an Iphone. I shall indeed be using my DVD player to record each ep, so it gets live TV ratings, then go to iView for repeat viewing or if recording is imperfect like freezing & pixilating!

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