Alan Carr is single in Australia and is ‘going to be such a slag’

Comedian Alan Carr on RuPaul's Drag Race UK
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British comedian Alan Carr was a married man last time he came to Australia but now he’s back and this time he’s single.

Carr is over here touring his stand-up comedy show Regional Trinket around Australia in November and December.

“Last time I was [in Australia] I was a happily married man. Now I’m single, ready to mingle and I’m going to be such a slag,” he joked to The Project.

He said, “If I don’t leave with monkeypox then I haven’t had a good time.

“I got in last night and was very jetlagged, I was up last night at midnight. I woke up so alert and I was walking around Melbourne at 3am in the morning like a camp Jack the Ripper.”

In January, the comedian announced he and his husband Paul Drayton were divorcing after 14 years of marriage.

“People give you the head tilt when you talk about divorce,” Carr explained.

“We did give it a go for 14 years. That’s good, innit? I mean in gay years, that’s 178. We’re still friends.”

Alan Carr says stand-up saved him after tough year

Alan Carr told The Project he considers his stand-up comedy a form of therapy, but after separating from his husband he had to rework his entire show.

“I wrote the show and then all of a sudden lockdown happened, two weeks before it went out,” he said.

“Then during lockdown, my marriage broke down and everything.

“When I came out the other side I had this show to perform and it didn’t make sense. It wasn’t real, it was about [topics like] Adele and Adele marrying us and and her house and all that.

“It just didn’t make sense, so I rewrote it and it’s more personal, more raw but still funny.

“It’s therapy for me, I like going out there [on stage]. It cheered me up when I was really down because of this year.

“My dog died. I got divorced. I mean who thought we’d be going 2021 was the good old days?”

As well as touring, Carr recently confirmed that an autobiographical comedy series Changing Ends is in the works in the UK.

The ITV series will follow Carr as a young boy growing up in Northampton, England in the 1980s. The new project will start filming in January.

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