AI generated Republicans on Trump’s Tiny White Balls

trump's tiny white balls ai-generated

All your favourite AI-generated Republicans promote an innovative new health supplement. Yes, the brand new healthy taste sensation, Trump’s Tiny White Balls. (Well… perhaps just a little crusty. And check the Use By Date.) 

Scroll down for the vid.

Social media creative @scaredketchup describes themselves as “Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to combat genuine stupidity.

“My humor is not for everyone. It has been described on more than one occasion as ‘Way over the top’. Many have said this may be a barrier to me building a large fan base, but I can’t cater to the middle of the road. I make videos that I want to see, and I trust that those who share my love for the weird & twisted (& my disdain for all things Trump) will eventually find me.”

We found you and your humour is for us.👍🏼

Check it out, folks. With testimonials from the likes of AI-generated Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, how could you go wrong? Even AI-generated George Santos jumps in to recommend the product. He lies, of course. But that’s our George.

AI-generated Republicans recommend Donald Trump’s Tiny White Balls

Experts are at odds over AI. Some see it as a force for good and others as a force for evil.

How much better then, to see this amazing technological advancement as a tool for cheap laughs at the expense of a tool — Donald J Trump.

Anyway, you want to lose weight and gain muscle? Donald Trump’s Tiny White Balls are for you. Lick them, suck them… spit or swallow — it’s all the same. As we like to say in the MAGAverse, if you can’t lick them, kick them. Donald Trump’s Tiny White Balls.

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