After Tokyo, how’d Team LGBTIQ+ do in the Beijing Olympics

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Last year’s Tokyo Olympics set a record for the number of out LGBTIQ+ competing. So how did Team LGBTIQ+ do during the Beijing Olympics?

There’s good news and bad. The 2022 Beijing Olympics saw a record number of out competitors — for a Winter Olympics. But that’s still under 40 by our count. The Tokyo Summer Olympics, by comparison, had at least 185.

Unfortunately, the abysmal human rights record of the Chinese Communist regime, including on LGBTIQ+ issues, cast a pall over the games.

But who were the winners on Team LGBTIQ+?

Speedskater Ireen Wüst

It’s hard to go past Dutch speedskater Ireen Wüst.

Beijing marks the out bisexual’s 6th Olympic Games and the 6th successive Olympics she’s won gold medals at. She can now claim the largest number of medals of any out Team LGBTIQ+ Olympian in history.

Irene recently said she would retire following the Beijing Olympics to marry her girlfriend and start a family.

“I always say age is just a number. But I’m 35, and I really want to have children, so at some point, you have to quit.”

Skier Sandra Näslund

Sandra Näslund navigated the jumps and turns of the women’s ski cross event to take gold in the four-person downhill race. Although her first Olympic win, Sandra previously scored two World Championship gold medals in the sport.

Ice dancer Guillaume Cizeron

Also taking gold, ice dancer Guillaume Cizeron and partner, Gabriella Papadakis. A four-time World Champion and five-time European Champion, this is Guillaume’s first Olympic medal.

Curler Bruce Mouat

Curling remains relatively unknown in Australia, but curlers don’t care.

They turn up with their brooms and rocks every four years and deserve gold just for all the television viewers exclaiming WTF!

Great Britain’s Bruce Mouat took silver for Team LGBTIQ+ in the curling — wearing rainbow shoelaces.

Speedskater Brittany Bowe

Another speedskater, this time from the USA, Brittany Bowe won bronze in the women’s 1000m speedskating.

Team Sports

Team LGBTIQ+ also scored in team sports. Canada’s women’s ice hockey team, with seven out players, took gold. Silver went to the United States with out player Alex Carpenter on the team. Finland took bronze, the second consecutive bronze in ice hockey for out team member Ronja Savolainen.

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  1. Margo van der Voort
    23 February 2022

    As far as I know Ireen Wust, the Dutch Olympic speed skating champion, is a LESBIAN! Why is she mentioned in this article as ‘bi-sexual’? Ireen has announced she is retiring from the sport to marry her girlfriend and is planning to have a family. Please correct! Is this your way of erasing lesbians?

    • 23 February 2022

      Ireen Wüst describes herself as bisexual, and yes, as mentioned in the article, she has said she will retire, marry her girlfriend and start a family.

      The article is correct and QNews does not erase lesbians as anyone who read our articles would know.

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