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An extensive new online resource, called TransHub, has launched to support transgender and gender diverse (TGD) people and allies in New South Wales.

NSW LGBTIQ health organisation ACON unveiled the new online resource on Tuesday to mark the International Trans Day of Visibility (March 31).

TransHub offers trans people valuable information about social, medical and legal gender affirmation. Issues covered include coming out, understanding dysphoria, and finding a doctor.

Visitors will also get advice on navigating government agencies like Centrelink and the ATO, updating gender markers on birth certificates, and more.

ACON’s Manager for Trans and Gender Diverse Health Equity, Teddy Cook, said TransHub offers information that “many of us so desperately needed but didn’t have access to as we met our most authentic selves.”

“This platform has been written by TGD people, for TGD people. There is no single right way to be trans,” Cook explained.

“But all trans people deserve access to the right information in order to make informed decisions about how we might seek to affirm who we are.”

ACON developed TransHub in consultation with community

Teddy Cook said ACON developed TransHub with support of many community, clinical and specialist partners. Local TGD writers, designers, photographers and artists have also contributed.

“It was important to us that we collaborated with as many different trans people as possible,” Cook said.

“[We have] proudly consulted, created opportunities for, commissioned and supported hundreds of community members to bring TransHub to life.

“We also partnered with leading specialist organisations, clinicians and allies to ensure TransHub is accurate, evidence-based and accessible.”

TransHub’s allies section provides information to partners, friends, employers, educators and colleagues.

The site’s clinicians section also addresses creating welcoming environments, gender affirming hormones, surgical interventions and providing patient-centred care.

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