Adelaide’s Rainbow Walk defaced with religious vandalism – again

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Image: Keiran Snape

A South Australian LGBTIQ group has issued a brutally candid response to a vandal who defaced Adelaide’s Rainbow Walk installation.

The long rainbow-painted footpath is located in Adelaide’s Light Square. Created in 2016, it forms a timeline of significant dates for the state’s LGBTIQ community.

However late last week, Adelaide Councillor Keiran Snape shared a photo to Faceboook of spray-painted vandalism on the path.

A vandal spray-painted the word “Repent” across the footpath, according to the photo.

“Walking down the Rainbow Walk on Light Square this evening and unfortunately it’s been defaced,” Snape wrote.

“It’s 2021 folks!”

The next morning, Snape added, “The council’s wonderful clean up crew has removed the graffiti.

“As an openly gay elected representative I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me. We have an amazing LGBTIQA+ community here in SA.”

Local LGBTIQ group shares brutally candid response

Local group South Australian Rainbow Advocacy Alliance (SARAA) took to Facebook to share a candid message to the vandal.

“We’re not even angry. We know that’s the reaction people want when they do things like this,” the group wrote.

“Sorry, pal. Better luck next time.

“What we are is tired. Tired of explaining that spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, medically, scientifically, LGBTIQA+ people have NOTHING to ‘repent’.

“[We’re] tired of opinions and laws that ignore and invalidate our existence.

“And tired of people who use fear to get their message across because they simply can’t be bothered learning the facts.

“You’re not edgy, you’re not freethinking, you’re just boring.

But they added, “One thing SARAA will never get tired of is working to create a better, more inclusive world [for] LGBTIQA+ people.”

The group also explained they’re working with state MPs on new laws to strengthen minorities’ protections against hate crimes.

South Australia’s Rainbow Walk vandalised before

However it’s sadly not the first time a vandal has defaced the crossing with a religious message.

Earlier, in October 2019, a local gay man filmed a vandal spray-painting “Jesus loves you” across some of the path’s landmarks.

The local council installed Adelaide’s Pride Walk in 2016, dotting the path with key historical dates.

Each date on the timeline is a key LGBTIQ event, including SA’s first pride march and the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

The local council updated the Pride Walk with the milestone of marriage equality in late 2017.

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Jordan Hirst

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  1. Peter Turner
    14 October 2021

    I wonder what the religious community would think if we defaced the façade of their church with a rainbow flag motif. Of course, they would cry foul and the WHOLE LGBTQI+ community would be held responsible. Are we now to hold the whole Christian community responsible for this act of vandalism?

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